Request for Letters, Ebluey's etc for a charitable book.

Hello all,

I have decided to advance a plea through ARRSE in the name of attaining information in the form of Letters, Eblueys, etc in the name of a book that I am seeking to put to publish with a percentage of every book sale going to Help for Heroes.

As alluded to above, I have already been in close contact with the aforementioned charity and, at a point closer to publish, am to enter negotiation appertaining to both endorsement of, and charitable percentage agreement of every book that is sold. At this stage I do not envisage this venture to be a 'one book release', more that it will comprise of a series of books that will be released over a period of time, and thus see longevity of charitable gain by Help for Heroes.

Further to this post on ARRSE I have been fortunate to gain the assistance of the Soldier Magazine with a plea being released through that portal also.

In close, the crux of what I am looking to attain are Letters, Ebluey's, etc that have been both sent to, and received from, loved ones from the following campaigns : Northern Ireland, Falklands, Sierra Leone, Kosovo & Macedonia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya.

As aformentioned I would be extremely grateful to anybody whom would like to participate in such a literary release in way of the giving over of copies of the material requested.

Anybody that would like to partake in such and requires further information on this then I would be keen to hear from you in the first instance via Email to :

May I take this opportunity to thank all for taking the time to read this plea for material and hope further that some of you will be willing to assist.

Much love

If your asking for Blueys from ARRSE members who have been away on tour I hope you have a XXXXX rated book.

Good luck on your quest

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