Request For Information - Comment needed

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Howayman, May 30, 2007.

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  1. I'm actually doing some 'w' (I won't say it in full, less AF has a heart attack) today, and I need some views of the assembled masses about RFI's.

    What do people see as the RFI process? Where do they sit in relation to the Commanders Critical Information Requirements and Priority Information Requirements?

    Current teaching (at LWC) has also brought out Friendly Force Information Requirements (?) and Essential Elements of Friendly Information (?) Any views...?
  2. in honour of the fact that people used to ask bone questions, the answers to which had been disseminated already...

    RFI = Read the Fucking Intsum :)
  3. Now it depends what sort of mood the testosterone charged G3 cell are in and WTF they trying to do. If you look at them from the context of the 7 Questions/6 Steps/5 Go Wild in Dorset school of planning, then the RFI's can be split into the FFIR and EEFI variants as well as identifying the Red RFI's falling out of Q1.

    Commanders Critical Information Requirements (CCIR's) and PIR's fall out of Q3 (What effects do I want to have on the enemy and what direction must I give to develop my plan?). These elements are essential for the Commander to develop his plan and thus acheive the desired effect.

    So, you have your Commanders RFI's (which could be request for the quantity of portaloos needed, to the number of HE rounds required) and also the Red RFI's gathered from the Int Estimate/IPB leading to the development of the COLPLAN.

    Or summat like that bonny lad!

    Digitally it matters not a jot as the current RFI format is used for both! Baffled? Oh Yes!

    Edited for various reasons primarily because I have turned into a complete mong today!