Im due to go off to Umm Qasr in the new year (non-mil) and Im trying to work out which Britmil units are based out of the port there. I was hoping to be able to find some like-minded Brits so I don't have to spend the next 2 years talking about pancakes to Dutch blokes!

If anyone knows which Brit units are based in UQ, Id be most grateful.

I don't know about British units but I know the Yanks have or had, the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit based out there.
Cheers, Ive worked wrked with 15 before, that's hoofing. But I thought there'd be a UK unit there, like an RLC det (Port & Maritime or some such) or a RN log det. I know there's an Inchcape det there.
Evilgoblin said:
My thoughts exactly. If you need to know you'll be told or you can find out once you get there. :roll:

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