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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by clift305, May 1, 2011.

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  1. could someone please help me with this?

    i have started a relationship with a US service man stationed in Iraq. i wish to speak on the phone with him but have been told that i have to pay, $175 to the 'Sergent in charge of the fee' so that i can use the 'Inter call phoning service'.

    is this usual to be charged to be able to speak to serving personel?

  2. Wake up Jane. This is a classic scam, been done hundreds of times. Please don't fall for it.
  3. This is real, it happens a lot. Give him the money, he'll pay you back for sure.
  4. I have some nigerian lottery tickets if you want them
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  5. Find yourself a good British squaddie rather the some Septic!

  6. There that's what you really mean.
  7. Jane, beware! It's more than likely a scam to part you from a pocket full of reddies.
  8. Jane it is a scam call his unit and ask to speak with the welfare officer they will tell you how you can contact him.

    Do not be taken for a mug
  9. Cheers!
    thanks for the serious and not so serious answers. thats why i thought i'd ask. My credit card is staying in my pocket.
  10. Jane, just pay him the money.

    <<Adopts Take a Break Mode>>

    In time, he will find out that he needs a Visa to visit you. This may or may not cost £2000, which you will have to take out a loan for. He will promise to pay you this back.

    After 3 or 4 weeks (I'm still in Take a Break mode), he will ask you for more money for a mobile phone, that will cost £3000 so he can get a connection to you.

    Bearing in mind he was married before, and had a child with his ex-wife, his son is now ill and needs a kidney transplant. That will cost £10,000.

    Right about this time, is when you re-mortgage your house and sell your car to fund him. You have £3000 left and he needs it for another visa to visit UK. You send it to him and end up living on your mum's couch.

    <<Take a Break mode off>>

    Is your ******* head painted on?
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  11. I have already won milllions on the Canadian lottery, just have to send off my 6k admin fee then I am rich :)
  12. If it was Brit Soldier you would be asked to suck his dick. Think yerself lucky bimbo bint
  13. Nobody asked for pictures?
  14. Jane, do you put out? I'm gagging for a ****. I don't charge either.

    Though I will probably steal your panties, and Sky remote control on my way out the door at 0530hrs

    Smudge xxx

    PS Any chance of a photo? Topless preferred.
  15. Jane, you could do a lot worse than Smudge, he's a Rugby players build and quite a looker.