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Blatant blag / request for help. Myself and another eejit from my unit are taking part in the Mens Health (also known as "Gay Today") Survival of the Fittest race on the 10th October.

So, I was wondering whether there is anybody in the Nottingham area who can arrange for us to bed down for the night in a TAC / spare bedroom / nissen hut for the 9th or 10th October.

Obviously, there will be a few drinks in it if anyone can sort this. If you can help, then please PM me with responses.


As Drumbox said, get a cheap hotel and hopefully a better nights sleep especially if you've got a physical event the next day.

If money is an issue and your lookin at staying at a local unit, it's probably best to speak to the units relevant PASO who I would have thought would be more than willing to help you out, don't expect their bar to be open though unless the hosting unit have a training weekend on.
Drumbox said:
What? you mean you actually want to sleep on a drill hall floor?!! Isn't there a travel lodge available? lol
Yeah. Nails me. Wasnt going to take a bed or a bag nor nottin. Was even thinking about breaking some glass on the floor before I lay down. Cos I am that hard. :D
Thanks for the suggestions / responses I have had. Fingers crossed I have got something sorted out.

See, the TA forums, not just there for the nasty things in life.

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