Request for Help for a Veteran in need of advice

Hi all,

For the last 12 months I've been in irregular contact, via the Arrse pm facility, with an Arrser that has been entering into, being processed through and, is now out of the other end, of the Medical Discharge process. During this time my input has been limited to passing on knowledge that I have gained by going through the same process myself some 24 months earlier.

I have first asked the guy if he was okay with me posting this appeal on the Forum, to which he has obviously agreed.

For blindingly obvious reasons, the Veteran wishes to remain anonymous to the wider audience. So as such I have volunteered to act as an initial “Talk Through” and will play no part other than to try to explain the problems he has landed with and to pass on contact details of any other Arrser's that would like to get in touch with him, initialy via me. Once anyone has PM'd me I'll then pass that info on to him and then play NO other part. No Names, No Units and COMPLETE discretion will be exercised.

Several months back I passed him my mobile number, and at the weekend just gone he gave me a call. I know that he will be reading this post but I must say that from talking to him, his problems are obvious. At times conversation was hard, his morale is pretty much non-existent and his ability to concentrate for any amount of time seems to be very strained. From that, and in my completely non-medical experience, I quickly gleaned that this guy need's help.

His main issue is Bipolar Depression which has manifested itself over a period of time but that he can trace back to service in the Balkans and later, on Op Telic. Added to that is a knackered knee that is also a result of tours, training for tours and from general military wear and tear. He is now in contact with Combat Stress and is currently awaiting for a further response from them.

In earnest he has been pushed from pillar to post. Has been told one thing by one department and told that his medical conditions are service related, only to then be told by another that they aren't. The DWP has awarded him the middle rates for both Mobility and Care, whilst the SPVA have thinned him out for anything. The guy has medical letters and reports that purport to say that his service is the cause of his conditions, whilst the SPVA say that they are not.

As you might well now realise and after the phone call this weekend, I quickly came to conclusion that his case is so complexed that it is way above my pay-scales and that my limited knowledge is now just not enough to see this Veteran through.

Help is now needed so I now appeal to the wider Arrse audience, as a third party, for any help from anyone that has been 'through-the-mill' themselves and may be able to offer any help, guidance or advice either medical or legal that might help this guy to get an above average shot of launching, what hopefully should become, a very successful War Pension Appeal against the SPVA.

I know that he'll wish to thank you all for taking the time to read this post and he also very much look forward to any usefull leads that it may bring.

Sorry if this post is a bit disjointed, but it is a complex case.

Cheers guys
I think there are a few SSAFA case workers on ARRSE who might be able to sift through the maze, hopefully they will make contact


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He could benefit from speedy contact with his local SSAFA Organisation. I'm not at home so no access to the info, but you can find local branches here

Contact the Divisional Secretary for the local area - they allocate caseworkers to people. And they'll help him find his way around the maze of support that's available.


I had a similar situation a while ago with someone on Arrse. It is difficult trying to give anything but general advice over the phone or by email.
As Grownup_Rafbrat says best idea is to contact someone locally and they can advise face to face. Plus there may be help available in the local area. Combat Stress are under pressure because of the sheer volume of work & waiting for the first visit by a Welfare Worker can be stressful. SSAFA & Combat Stress work closely together.
If you or he wish to chat about it though feel free.
Cant help with the current mess but once he has settled a bit and knows which way he is headed give me a nod and ill put him through to some A1 training service providers (run by a couple of ex forces guys) that Ive got some 'back scratching' going on with, aside from that tell him to try stay off the p*ss :)
Apart from the good advice above, if he wants to contact someone I can put him in touch (via you) with a shrink that I've used in the past who's very, very good. He might also want to contact his civvy GP to get hold of some good quality SSRI/SNRI/MAOI medications that might take the edge off the depression and a mood stabiliser such as lithium; whilst these will treat the symptoms they'll do next-to-nothing for the underlying cause and this is something that will need to be addressed through work with SSAFA and Combat Stress.

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