Request for Assistance with TRFs!

Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by Proximo, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Folks,

    We would like to expand the article on TRFs with lots of pictures of...TRFs, amazingly.

    So if you routinely wear a TRF, please grab a phot, upload it and get it in the article.

    Many thanks!


    Edited to add: Don't worry about formatting the article - we'll do that. Also, if you can't be arrsed (a common malaise with the Wiki and ARRSErs) just send one of us the phot and we'll do the rest. Px
  2. I've put some pictures up, will have a look round for some more later. Formatting is a bit crap, I had a go at making them all just about the same size, it's sort of worked. Not to hot on formatting the actual page though, would be good to maybe lay them out in a table format, rather than one under another. Is there a need for TRF's of regiments/branches/professions outside the British army, and/or specific professions withing the army and branches? f/e Bomb Disposal?
  3. I'm stuck, what's the difference between a drop zone badge and a TRF?

  4. Forgive me for indulging a phantasy I have, but it can only be a matter of time before the Taliban start to rock up with all the requisite uniforms, webbing, weapons and all the shoulder titles/DZ flashes and whatever (all made in Pakistan) and proceed to take out our lads from behind.

  5. Pardon me if I appear finicky, but it would appear that SurvivalAids have the copyright to the TRFs for the RAVC, Argyll & Sutherlands and the West Midlands.

    I wonder if the HAC are sponsored by Prada...
  6. That would appear to be the case, I'm working on it!
  7. Finished now, give it the once over, gimme some feedbak if any are wrong or if I've missed some. Cheers