REQ: Up to date locations and role of AAC Reg,Sqn and flight

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by born_to_solder, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. Guys i have recently passed my flying grading and have my interview upcoming in December. In preperation for it i am trying to get up to speed with AAC units and roles. I have looked on DII and its all so far out of date, as is anything i return on armynet.

    Any help or direction is appreciated as is any pointers for the interview.

  2. Mate,
    16x 3 Regt - AH, 653, 662, 663 Sqns - Wattisham
    4 Regt - AH, 654, 656, 664 Sqns - Wattisham
    9 Regt - Lynx, 672, 659, 669 Sqns - Dishforth

    1 Regt - Lynx, 652, 661 Sqns - Gutersloh
    5 Regt - 665 Sqn Gazelle, 651 Sqn Islander - Aldergrove
    657 Sqn - Lynx - Odiham
    667 Sqn - Lynx/Gazelle D&T, Middle Wallop
    670 Sqn - Squirrel training, Middle Wallop
    660 Sqn - Squirrel training, Shawbury
    671 Sqn - Lynx/Gazelle/Bell 212 training - Middle Wallop
    673 Sqn - AH training - Middle Wallop
    676 Sqn - Groundcrew training
    25 Flt - Bell 212 - Belize
    7 Flt - Bell 212 - Brunei
    29 Flt - Gazelle - BATUS
    8 Flt - Sshh - you know who
    4 Flt - Gazelle - Elmpt

    7 Regt (TA) Gazelle only, 666, 658 Sqns - Netheravon
    6 Flt - Shawbury
    3 Flt - Leuchars

    6 Regt (TA) Groundcrew only 677 Sqn, Bury St Edmunds

    All was available from 'tinternet

  3. thanks alot mate!! I appreciate the time you took to get the info.
    There are however, at least one error that i know, 4 flight = Elmpt. I know this to be wrong as i am sigs and on this camp its 12 flight.
    Does anyone else see any glaring errors???


    P.S please dont think im being rude mate i appreciate the effort.
  4. Just checking you were paying attention. Or an ageist moment. Fairly confident of the rest though.

  5. thought 651 where odiham these days
  6. I have to admit to taking a bit of a stab in the dark on that one, you will note I have not mentionesd 1 Flt either. The FW are in a bit of a hiatus at the moment with a location v title ding dong going on. For a prospective pilot, key areras of concern are 16x units as the law of averages will see our shiny winged one serving there.
  7. Just surfed through the site and apart from the unit info, there is a lot there that should be good for the interview.

    From stuff we all know, Prince Charles being C in C.... to the stuff we didn't/don't, like the Regimental March. (yes we knew the name but not the tune!)

    By the way......


    UK Locations
    HQ. 2 (Trg) Regt AAC Middle Wallop
    1. 3 Flight AAC (V)Leuchars
    2. 5 Regt AAC Aldergrove
    3. 9 Regt AAC Dishforth
    4. 660 Sqn AAC & 6 Flight AAC (V) Shawbury
    5. 3 Regt & 4 Regt AAC Wattisham
    6. 8 Flight AAC Hereford
    7. 657 Sqn AAC Odiham
    8. 7 Regt AAC (V) Netheravon


    Army Air Corps Locations:
    1. 29 Flight AAC - Canada
    2. 25 Flight AAC - Belize
    3. 1 Regt AAC & 12 Flight AAC - Germany
    4. 7 Flight AAC - Brunei

    Army Air Corps Exercise Locations:
    5. Norway
    6. Poland
    7. France
    8. Spain
    9. Italy
    10. USA
    11. Haiti
    12. Guyana
    13. Equador
    14. Thailand
    15. Malaysia
    16. Kenya
    17. Australia

    Army Air Corps Operation Deployments:

    18-20 Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo
    21. Iraq
    22. Afghanistan
  8. Why is there a fu*kin gap between 3 4 and 9 Regts.... and 1 Regt. Like we ain't worthy of being some TA part time retarded disfigured cousin that no one invites to a wedding. The recent 50th birthday was a real eye opener...The UK units sent a minibus each. It was embarrassing. 1 regt has been on ops since 2004 CONSTANTLY, at one point both squadrons. OOO it makes my blood boil. Its like the English Channel is a thousand miles wide. Still, best student on the last ADCC and Class 1 Groundies means we ain't all retarded.
  9. At a guess, this is because 3/4/9 are covered by the 16x title (although this is a bit unclear)

    I amsure no disrespect was intended
  10. Feel better now, GG? Suggest you go and lie down in a dark room for a while.

    What is Elmpt? Is it a place or a spelling mistake? :?
  11. OOps, sorry about my ranting. I can see now how it was meant to look and I an suitably embaressed. MG, Elmpt Station is near JHQ, think it was an raf camp, now housing bleep regiment and some Gazelles.
  12. You just done your B1s?

    Only taken 16 years? :D :D
  13. Elmpt=Bruggen.
  14. Not me Goddammit, oh why did i fall for that