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REQ: Up to date locations and role of AAC Reg,Sqn and flight

Guys i have recently passed my flying grading and have my interview upcoming in December. In preperation for it i am trying to get up to speed with AAC units and roles. I have looked on DII and its all so far out of date, as is anything i return on armynet.

Any help or direction is appreciated as is any pointers for the interview.

16x 3 Regt - AH, 653, 662, 663 Sqns - Wattisham
4 Regt - AH, 654, 656, 664 Sqns - Wattisham
9 Regt - Lynx, 672, 659, 669 Sqns - Dishforth

1 Regt - Lynx, 652, 661 Sqns - Gutersloh
5 Regt - 665 Sqn Gazelle, 651 Sqn Islander - Aldergrove
657 Sqn - Lynx - Odiham
667 Sqn - Lynx/Gazelle D&T, Middle Wallop
670 Sqn - Squirrel training, Middle Wallop
660 Sqn - Squirrel training, Shawbury
671 Sqn - Lynx/Gazelle/Bell 212 training - Middle Wallop
673 Sqn - AH training - Middle Wallop
676 Sqn - Groundcrew training
25 Flt - Bell 212 - Belize
7 Flt - Bell 212 - Brunei
29 Flt - Gazelle - BATUS
8 Flt - Sshh - you know who
4 Flt - Gazelle - Elmpt

7 Regt (TA) Gazelle only, 666, 658 Sqns - Netheravon
6 Flt - Shawbury
3 Flt - Leuchars

6 Regt (TA) Groundcrew only 677 Sqn, Bury St Edmunds

All was available from 'tinternet

thanks alot mate!! I appreciate the time you took to get the info.
There are however, at least one error that i know, 4 flight = Elmpt. I know this to be wrong as i am sigs and on this camp its 12 flight.
Does anyone else see any glaring errors???


P.S please dont think im being rude mate i appreciate the effort.
Just checking you were paying attention. Or an ageist moment. Fairly confident of the rest though.

I have to admit to taking a bit of a stab in the dark on that one, you will note I have not mentionesd 1 Flt either. The FW are in a bit of a hiatus at the moment with a location v title ding dong going on. For a prospective pilot, key areras of concern are 16x units as the law of averages will see our shiny winged one serving there.
Just surfed through the site http://www.army.mod.uk/aac/index.htm and apart from the unit info, there is a lot there that should be good for the interview.

From stuff we all know, Prince Charles being C in C.... to the stuff we didn't/don't, like the Regimental March. (yes we knew the name but not the tune!)

By the way......

UK Locations
HQ. 2 (Trg) Regt AAC Middle Wallop
1. 3 Flight AAC (V)Leuchars
2. 5 Regt AAC Aldergrove
3. 9 Regt AAC Dishforth
4. 660 Sqn AAC & 6 Flight AAC (V) Shawbury
5. 3 Regt & 4 Regt AAC Wattisham
6. 8 Flight AAC Hereford
7. 657 Sqn AAC Odiham
8. 7 Regt AAC (V) Netheravon

Army Air Corps Locations:
1. 29 Flight AAC - Canada
2. 25 Flight AAC - Belize
3. 1 Regt AAC & 12 Flight AAC - Germany
4. 7 Flight AAC - Brunei

Army Air Corps Exercise Locations:
5. Norway
6. Poland
7. France
8. Spain
9. Italy
10. USA
11. Haiti
12. Guyana
13. Equador
14. Thailand
15. Malaysia
16. Kenya
17. Australia

Army Air Corps Operation Deployments:

18-20 Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo
21. Iraq
22. Afghanistan
Why is there a fu*kin gap between 3 4 and 9 Regts.... and 1 Regt. Like we ain't worthy of being included....like some TA part time retarded disfigured cousin that no one invites to a wedding. The recent 50th birthday was a real eye opener...The UK units sent a minibus each. It was embarrassing. 1 regt has been on ops since 2004 CONSTANTLY, at one point both squadrons. OOO it makes my blood boil. Its like the English Channel is a thousand miles wide. Still, best student on the last ADCC and Class 1 Groundies means we ain't all retarded.
Feel better now, GG? Suggest you go and lie down in a dark room for a while.

What is Elmpt? Is it a place or a spelling mistake? :?
OOps, sorry about my ranting. I can see now how it was meant to look and I an suitably embaressed. MG, Elmpt Station is near JHQ, think it was an raf camp, now housing bleep regiment and some Gazelles.
groovygunner said:
Still, best student on the last ADCC and Class 1 Groundies means we ain't all retarded.
You just done your B1s?

Only taken 16 years? :D :D

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