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Req. Former Sr. British NCO with PARA / Commando background

Gentlemen, I have been made aware of the following Black Ice requirement, it's very short notice, but hopefully one of you may be able to make it work. I would encourage only those who meet the stated requirements to apply, these gentlemen tend to have little patience for time wasters. I am not the POC, please send your details to the address provided.

Best of luck to all who apply.



Strategic Operations, Inc. provides Hyper-RealisticTM training environments for military, law enforcement and other organizations, using state-of-the- art movie industry special effects, role players, proprietary techniques, training scenarios, facilities, mobile structures, sets, props, and equipment. They are looking for a consultant for a short term project and potentially a long term position. Below is the requirement – please respond to the email address below.

============ ========= ========= ========= =======

Former Sr. British NCO with PARA / Commando background.

Recent Combat experience; Helmand Province, Afghanistan. (12 months or less Pref.)

Must have a current Passport and be able to travel immediately

Task is to assist with a demonstration on 28-29 July. Travel prior on the 26-27th will be required. Travel Expenses to Canadian training site will be paid for in addition to pay.

This training project in Canada [for British Army], may transition into a long term training coordinator position to the right candidate.

Interested parties send cv/resume to: Stu Segall at bird6@stusegall. com Or FAX to: 858-715-5383

Stu Segall

END OF BLACK ICE MESSAGE – Forwarding to British candidates is encouraged.
Black Ice is pretty damn good. Angus Young's opening riff in Rock 'n Roll Train takes me back and together with Brian Johnson's brawny voicing and preachy lyrics explain why AC/DC are still going strong after all these decades.

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