suppresion of truth...??????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by O2 Oxygen Thief, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. I listen to LBC and these people have started running a ad...the 'gravelly hammer horror' voice...on the website.. youngish looking blokes with 'silver hair' and the blurb below, so who are these 'cnuts'..??..ex. green slime and them (management and executive)..??..sounds iffy, considering the ARSSE thread about ATOS, are they connected..??

    "Internet Reputation Management

    With our Proven System you can see tangible results immediately because we understand how valuable time is when your online reputation has been tarnished. We start right away with our Fast Track, Fully Expedited Solutions giving you a clean, clear online reputation. We use Proprietary Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis techniques and our in-house Cutting Edge Technology to ensure a successful Reputation Management campaign. Explore our site to learn why we were recently awarded True Wealth’s Innovative Tech Firm of the Year.

    How Do We Work?

    We specialize in using proprietary removal methods combined with Internet Reputation Management techniques and strategies to help remove and suppress negative content. Removing web pages from Google and the other search engines is an advanced process requiring numerous skills including cutting-edge technology, in depth knowledge of Internet policies, laws, jurisdiction and the ability to understand when and what methods to use in each circumstance.

    We understand the importance of an online reputation and acknowledge how critical it is to mitigate damage and act quickly. Our services restore your online presence in a discrete and professional manner. We pride ourselves in the speed at which we are able to help people correct their online problems.

    Award Winning Firm is proud to announce our latest award from TrueWealth Magazine. We continue to do what others say is impossible on the Internet and lead the industry in Reputation Management techniques, application and technology.

    Explore Our Website:

    Remove Harmful Information
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    Yelp Review Issue
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    Consumer Advocacy Sites
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  2. Well if they're good at their jobs then I can see this thread getting suppressed very quickly.

    Sounds like a load of balls to me. Especially dealing with "bad internet reviews" if a product is crap then it's crap this information can't be suppressed as it will just keep popping up, unless they mean they're going to sign up to sites like Amazon and post loads of false reviews.
  3. Well that's the plan..its just a bit early in the day 'n' i've not consumed enough alcohol..its just working out how to 'sail close to the wind' in my comments, admittedly not something I do well after a couple bottles of wine...and see it they can 'walk the walk'...
  4. I wonder if Princess Productions have heard of them?!
  5. Well on a serious note, in the ARSSE ATOS thread I raised the thing about secret filming and then publishing on UTube etc..I got the answer from much more informed ARSSERS that ATOS never went after the 'perps' but the service provider..this has made me think, how could they do it..having said remember that ARSSE had the problem with minister DoNut and the padre and ARSSE lost out...Assange(personal cnut that he is) is a marked man...
  6. I thought that flying mums and babies out to patrol bases in 'ganners was an excellent idea - well done them - along with organising a 'flash mob' at Bastion - inspiring generation we live within - glad i kept the commies back with my SLR, yellow handbags and Hawiian tropic so we could spawn a generation of young rising stars. i thought of another top TV hit for Princess Productions - It's a have to dress up as an Orangeman and run through the streets of belfast playing the flute - first to get knocked out is the winner...double points if you're 'taken out'
  7. With the padre episode I believe due to the nature of the posts it went to the Police and that there might have been pressure applied to some of the site sponsors by Stonewall or a similar "charity". I wasn't a MOD at the time and managed to miss all the excitement due to work so I could be talking rubbish.
  8. Some rather strange uses of the English language here.

    For example do they mean "discrete", as in separate parts, or "discreet", as in hidden and secretive?

    In its broader context this is not an original concept. Even the Christian Church of the 13th to the 15th centuries got there first.

    And what is a "Proprietary Removal Method"? Not violence I trust?
  9. Gordon Browns a one eyed quim who's stealing wages off the tax payer and cant be arsed turning up for work.....Lets see if they class that as slander or the truth?
  10. Seems to be links with the Fatherland?

    Registrar: 1 & 1 INTERNET AG
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL: - Home
    Name Server: NS1819.HOSTGATOR.COM
    Name Server: NS1820.HOSTGATOR.COM
    Status: ok
    Updated Date: 27-oct-2012
    Creation Date: 26-oct-2008
    Expiration Date: 26-oct-2013
  11. Im telling on you unless you come over here and change my brake pads as i have a sore knee!

    Oh and take my mudflaps off as i look like a chav
  12. So instead of a visit from "Big Nige" its "Grosse Helmut"(sp)?
  13. Lots of scalies in Germany looking for a new future.
  14. I wonder if they've got any proven methods of removing VIC markers off vehicle records at DVLA.