Reputable PSC in Iraq pay dispute

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smallbrownprivates, May 29, 2006.

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  1. Leafing through old papers came across this. Couldn't find the thread where it had been referred to before (tinfoil hat time? or just navyman)

  2. I thought these guys were on uber cash, £172 a day for being 2ic of a section that has nowhere near the support that a £100 a day full screw has (trade dependant of course) , no casevac and no no armour or arty support, I don't fcuking think so. I earn more than that on Civvy Strasse and with the exception of the odd mugger tend not to be confronted with locals that wish to deprive me of my life on a daily basis.

    I thought these guys were on 7 - 800 a day and that's what I was offered as a "security consultant" due to the line of work I am in (which I obviously turned down or I wouldn't be sitting here baked on wine and brandy typing this), or is that just PR bullsh1t spun by the media and PSC's?
  3. If Iraq is setting a precedent and civillian private security companies are likely to play a significant role in future post-conflict reconstruction zones, how will potential 'strike' action influence post-conflict planning? How do you oblige civvies to remain in a war-zone and if you can't, how can private companies play any strategic role in the planning of post-conflict management?
  4. I currently work alongside these guys and they are all pretty miffed that there pay has been cut, this is not the only firm out here to cut prices as the market becomes tighter and contracts harder to win and retain. There real point is that they were warned off of a pay cut which they were not happy about but then the management broke the bomb shell that the paycut was less than previously warned.

    Just to correct something in the report, its the team members who have gone down to £172 a day not the 2ic. However these guys do 6 weeks on 3 off and its tax free.

    This is pretty much the first time this has happened out here and when firms try this stunt its not normally on this scale as a few blokes will just leave and go to another firm. There is no shortage of work out here for guys with the right experiance and background.

    The days of silly money have pretty much gone and £300 is about the norm depending on who you work for and how much of a death wish you have!!
  5. These guys need to think carefully before they down-tools. They are only independent subcontractors. There plenty of guys who will fill their boots.

    Not a swipe at them, but your PSC footsoldier IN IRAQ is not thought of by PSC management as being in the same league as the guys on the traditional "circuit". There are five year soldiers who left the army in a huff, then there are guys who left after 10-15 years in UKSF or as competent teeth arm officers. Different animals, different day rates.

    Things are getting more more and more commercial in Iraq. As contracts come up for re-tender dayrates will fall.
  6. Ive taken more than £200 a day in the UK doing AGM and even CP in London.

    Theres not a hope in hell's chance of many guys who know they are worth more staying out there for only £28 a day more than they can get working in the UK.