Reputable laptop battery supplier?

I'd prefer a UK based company (that deals with all countries, not just UK and Ireland), rather than the "direct from China/Hong Kong" ones in ebay. I need it for a Lenovo X300. Any suggestions please?
I got one from China for my old laptop, it lasted about 5 weeks. Proved the old cheap buy twice!
Lovely, thanks for the help chaps.


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Bumping this thread to say that '' turned out to be shipping from China, the wrong battery was sent, and the Chinese vendor ( Luo Xianghua ) tried to chisel over me getting my money back, seemed to think I was going to pay to ship back to him the battery I had NOT ordered, (and seemed to affect not to understand that laptop batteries have to fit the particular model of laptop). After a vigorous exchange of emails PayPal have me a full refund but stay off this vendor.

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