Republicans to sue over internment


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Sorry no idea how to do a link but it's there.

40th anniv of Op Demetrius today and a crowd have announced their intention to sue the Govt.

It's not like there was a famine or anyone got shot.

Get over it they were housed, fed, educated and in some cases got a trip in a helicopter. Honestly some people.


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Can I sue them for being annoying cnuts?
The was one of the things that became a British recruiting aid for the IRA, it turned hundreds/thousands against you and pushed others much closer to the IRA.

Then similar tactics were employed in Iraq, look what happened ... An insurgency was fuelled
No internment in the ROI ?
Did it work ?
The PIRA didn't exist in the 50's
What about the unsuccessful IRA border campaign of the 1950's ???

Sean South from Garry Owen and his mate O'Hanlon from Monaghan.


The PIRA didn't exist in the 50s

It was one tool that probably did because it was targeted, numbers were relatively limited and based on good int
One thing I've learned since I've been here - never bother arguing with an Irishman about history.

So far as I can make out, the school curriculum is history, music, RE and Oirish.

Taught by the Brothers, natch.

Perhaps we should bring it back but this time take in old celebs and back benchers.

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