Republican's find the poppy offensive..

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    F*cking winging scum! Since the peace process began,Republicans have gotten their own way with just about everything over here.Maybe the idiot Thompson should read up on the history of Irish regiments!

    Belfast Media | News | Cops asked to stop wearing poppies

  2. Also Metro/Ulsterbus have been approached and asked that their drivers no longer wear a help for heroes band or the RIR band as its offensive to the Nationalist community.

    You couldn't make it up, so much for a shared society.
  3. As a nationalist I must admit I did not wear a poppy until I had a nice chat with someone over a few sherberts in my local TAC. Since then I have continued to wear at the appropriate time though I am aware that here in NI it is seen as by a lot as a Protestant/Unionist thing to do.

    What has struck this year is that I do not seem to see it worn as much and in my place of work, I'm currently the only one wearing one out of a possible 58 persons.

    Getting back on the thread I was out for a recent meal with some family members who are not keen on the poppy or anything really to do with the army, and was asked by my brother "did I have to wear that?" to which I replied yes I did and I choose to. Seems strange that he keeps up this animosity whilst his sons who are aware of my TA activity have never said anything.

    When it comes to Easter he will be wearing an Easter lily but I'm sure he would take offence if I asked the same of him then!
  4. Slightly OT, but I have just been to the Health Centre in my "staunchly loyalist" hometown. Aside from me, NOT ONE FUCKING PERSON had a poppy in. Plenty of mouth-breathing doleys with Rangers tops, mind.
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    The Poppy is a symbol of the great war and was carried over into WWII and beyond. The sad truth is that as the few become fewer, the mouth breathers of all political and religious persuasions will forget.( Lets face it some of them have already forgotten how to do the basics like wash.)
  6. No doubt that the PSNI will bow down to this too... Another little victory for Jezza and crew.
  7. 'A victims’ groups that represents the relatives of people who were murdered by the British army and RUC...'

    No sectarian agenda there then. Andytown being the hotbed of reason and calm that murdered two signallers in an incident that disgusted even hardened republicans is, no doubt, well qualified to talk about murder.
  8. I don't mean to be a cnut but anytime I'm near a protestant area, it seems 1 in 3 people are wearing a Rangers top.. I wear my poppy with pride because I remember the Irish Regiments who died during the war, it's seen as a Protestant thing which just proves that most of the Nationalists know fcuk all about their history and just read what's in the local newspapers..
  9. Yeah Pads. And their were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. :)
  10. When I say newspapers, I mean the Irish News and Andersonstown News.. ;-)
  11. Tell 'em to fcuk off.

    Perhaps we should have a 'Howes and Wood' wrist band, see if they chunter about that.....
  12. You miss my point. The grunting mongs to which I refer would be the ones shouting loudest about "Queen and Country and Looyyylism", but yet won't stick a few quid in a Poppy Appeal box, lest it deprive them of a bottle of Frosty Jacks.
  13. Sorry SD, I know exactly what you mean because you get it on this side too. My mate lives in a very Protestant area of Lurgan and is just back from Afghan and he was pissed off because guys were trying to compare the UVF of WW1 to nowadays UVF..
  14. You missed my point Pads.

  15. Why am I missing all these points :p I thought you were talking about the paper, I'm pretty sure it is to read the paper, it couldn't possibly be because of the picture of Gerry on the front every week? @.@