Republicans are contemplating the prospect of Palin in 2012

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by fantassin, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Republicans bracing themselves for defeat on Nov 4 are already contemplating the prospect of Sarah Palin becoming their presidential candidate against a President Barack Obama in 2012.

    Conservative Republicans are talking enthusiastically about Mrs Palin as a White house contender next time, acknowledging that if a week is a long time in politics then four years amounts to several lifetimes.

    "Sarah's the one," said one leading conservative who is convinced Mr McCain will lose this election. "The party is broken and only she can fix it. We need someone who comes from outside Washington and relates to the aspirations of ordinary Americans."
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    But she is mince! Surely even the daftest of septics know that?

    Plain scary.... 8O
  3. She's still more qualified to be president than Barack the Magic Negro right now.
  4. Talk about clutching at straws! The totally miserable performance Palin's managed to chop out to date should be enough to ensure that Obama gets a second season. So yeah, set her up for 2012. Should be a very easy victory then.

  5. A black (or "high yellow") Jimmy Carter is all Obama would be if he were to win, which I doubt.
  6. I wonder why this "leading conservative" didn't put his name on the record. Could it be a realisation that from this point on, nobody would take them seriously either? I can't think of a Democrat who wouldn't get wetter than Rod Hull's roof at the prospect, or a Republican with 2 brain-cells to rub together who wouldn't think that this would be a horrible idea.
  7. She believes dinosaurs roamed the planet 4000 years ago ffs.

    I know your average American voter is as thick as a whale's foreskin but they can't be this stupid.

    Can they? 8O
  8. I never heard her say that, but since the average Europeon is either a communist or a fascist anyway what differance does it make to you. God knows you wouldn't criticize a Muslim or their religion even if they were chopping your family's heads off in the name of the Pig Prophet himself. In fact, you'd probably turn yourself in to the thought police for even considering the use of violence to defend them and then confess to having "racist tendencies".
  9. I know this may be anathema to you, Ronnie, but why do you keep harping on about Obama's colour.

    Do you run around in a white sheet and pointy hat in your spare time?

  10. I've explained it several times already. The only reason he's the candidate is because he's black. During the primaries white liberal Democrat's and their stooges in the mainstream liberal news media supported Obama to assuage their suburban bourgeois honky guilt despite the fact that he was the least qualified out of all the Democrat candidates. The fact that he's black is the reason why he is the candidate. I'm just mocking that fact. If you think it's racist to criticize a black candidate then that makes you a typical reactionary Euro-peon lefty.
  11. Seriously bore off to some KKK site or change the record...

    FFS its septics like you that give Americans a bad name
  12. Part of that is probably true however i'd say that Obama is primarily on the ticket because of his oratorical skills. To digress, how is selecting a candidate because of his ethnicity any different from selecting a candidate because of their sex?
  13. I'm glad I've got you seething with rage. Thanks for the confirmation. :D
  14. I never said it was racist, did I? Obama is candidate because he was chosen by popular vote. Just like McCain (which was probably more of a mistake on the part of the GOP). Obama, unlike McCain, seems to be fulfilling the confidence folks had in him from the beginning.

    By the way: you might want to get your terms sorted, mucker. "Reactionary" and "Lefty" don't really go together. But yes, I am a Lefty. I'm a Socialist.

  15. Obama has no oratory skills outside of a TelePromtor.

    Actually, Sarah Palin has more executive administrative experience as a mayor and as a governor than McCain, Obama and Biden put together, which would make her more qualified to run an administration than they are.

    By the way, that doesn't mean that I'm happy with any of these choices. :roll: