Republican Presidential Candidates

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sangreal, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. You would have thought that in the post-Palin era the Republican Party would have tightened up their selection criteria for their Presidential candidates. Hoewever, it seems that for next year's election they are adamant in again providing the comedy ticket for the rest of the world to look on and gaze in wonder at the cranks they think best represent middle America. The only criteria which seems to be required is 'thicker than a whale omelette'!

    Cain on Libya:

  2. Bewildering that in the US they can't find a presidential candidate that doesn't resemble Homer Simpson in intelligence.

    The selection criteria:

    1/ I do not think for myself, the only reason I'm in this position is because my backers think for me.
    2/ I'm a good looking sonofabitch, wife is photogenic and compliant, and there's no skeletons cause I buried 'em deep.
    3/ Lets play the pc card (although we're not quite ready for a woman yet).
    4/ Whoever we choose it's guaranteed the rest of the world will pander to...

    ...Whilst secretly shaking their heads.
  3. Google "journolist" (sic), have a look at how an embarrassing story involving Barack Obama was dealt with during the 2008 US presidential campaign (there are plenty of his gaffes and cock ups out there, you just don't get told about them much) and how it was dealt with, and then reflect on media-driven narratives.
  4. Although the JournoList agenda is nothing when compared to Fox News' as delivered by their vangaurd of O'Reilly, Hannity and, latterly, Beck.
  5. One Republican who sound fairly reasonable is Jon Huntsman, former Governor, three different ambassador positions, sounds intelligent in ads. Lovely wife!!!

    Only problem is he is a Mormon and the Tea Party people have lots of evangelical Protestants who regard Mormons as something like the anti-Christ.
  6. Back during the primary campaign for 2008 the Boston Globe (think - Guardian) which is so very liberal ran a devastating story on Obama and his involvement in multi-million housing development grants to Obama friends who build brand new slums that fell apart while still new. The Globe ran it as he was running against their beloved Hilary Clinton. As soon as it was apparent that Obama was The Chosen One the articles disappeared from the Globe website.
  7. Not the only problem:
    o It's the fairly reasonable bit that is damning with the GOP base
    o He collaborated with the stealth Muslim antichrist
    o He's also not some rich diletante amusing himself by dabbling in politics which these days is a disqualification.

    A prosperous Paultard mate of mine said as honest Ron is a no hoper he'd go for Cain. He got dollar sign eyes over 999 and the vast MSM conspiracy to blacken his name is a plus. I pointed out that a rich black guy accused of goosing white female employees ain't going to play that well in the trailer parks once they've dwelt on it a little and Cain is also a flip flopping ninny who should stick to selling pizza pies.

    Bachman is a righteous Teaper but also a politically unrealistic fruit loop who would abolish the food stamps a fair tranche of blue collar Republicans have depended on at some point.

    Perry was Godly, had good hair and looked strong but immediately shot himself in the foot by calling the welfare system that supports a lot of elderly GOP voters a Ponzi scheme and proved to have all the resilience of a house of cards.

    Newt is up in the polls despite a disastrous start where he called the electorally suicidal Ryan plan to dismantle Medicare social engineering from the right and then forgot himself and cast doubt on global cooling as was the party line earlier in the century. He's by far the cleverest man in the field which would worry some folks but also has a history of wonking himself into a corner and with Congress an electoral liability his former role as head of a similarly sulky body is hardly an asset.

    The obvious candidate is the other follower of the Muslamic Mormon cult Mitt who unlike Jon will say just about anything to get elected. He has annoyingly complex policies that take more than three seconds to state and is a robotically able professional pol who might actually have idea how to fix the economy, that's bad enough for the GOP base to swallow but he's also a flip flopper who as Governor implemented something similar scarily similar to the Satanic socialism of Barrycare, i.e. timid insurance reform that Bob Dole and much of the GOP advocated not so long ago. After a little more dithering they'll probably do what the establishment GOP tells them to and settle reluctantly on Romney in the end simply because unlike the rest of the field he's likely to beat the hated Kenyan handily and deliver those precious tax cuts to the "Wealth Creators" who fund US politics.
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  8. That's most likely because Barry is too scared to take decisions, wants to please everybody. Ain't gonna happen, especially with the current crop of moronic, right-wing nutters who don't listen to any form of meaningful discussion or logic.

    He could have ram rodded his policy when he had a chance (and like the Reps would have done anyways), with majority in both the houses, but now he is a toothless tiger. At least till the results of the next election come through.
  9. On Politico Herman Cain: 'I'm not supposed to know anything about foreign policy' the full quote
    Well he has a point there but it hardly inspires confidence, you might think Cain is simply too uncommitted to the race to bother getting his positions in order. He's a man who has flitted about multiple boards simultaneously and doubtless wings it with gut feeling like a lot of good CEOs, this is very different from being President or even a Governor of a state.

    It's somewhat traditional for a potential POTUS to play the bumpkin. Very few have actually been one, even the last Bush was a smarter better informed man than he often appeared to be. The sharp mind and command of facts of Slick Willy or Tricky Dicky may be secondary to picking advisors well but even the apparently doddery Ronald Reagan was a voracious reader of history and politics.
  10. Sure one media station versus the cult of Obama among the media in general. Wonder why they didn't want to cover the Obama/Sarkozy remarks? 20 years ago "Journalists" would have jumped on that. But for the Mulatto Messiah crickets from the US Media.
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  11. Wasn't his shagging confined to (barely) above legal aged women? TBH I don't give a toss if someone can't keep it in their pants, as long as they can do the job their paid to do.
  12. I had the impression the MSM leapt on that, but that was probably the Brits who you have probably gathered have limited patience with the Israelis.

    I doubt if its just the US press covering for Barry's failure to sufficiently punish Sarko for being nasty about Bibi, anything that's the least bit critical of Israel tends to go make them go stum.