Republican party in uniform ?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by tehori, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. What a strange setup the yanks have, allowing a general to give speeches saying how wonderful the Republican party is, and then promoting him.
    Funny how they are so keen on allowing Republican types to get their message across on their armed forces radio etc.
    So like the USSR, the yank military does not bother to be neutral when it comes to politics.
    Wonder what will happen if it seems Obama is about to win the election
  2. Harper's and The Washington Post. Not exactly impeccable sources.
  3. Fair enough. Are you disputing the claim?

    If so, do you have more reliable links/sources?
  4. Yes, I'm disputing the claim that the US Armed Forces are the "Republican Party in uniform" because it hasn't been proven in either of these articles.

    You want a source to disprove a conspiracy theory?
  5. Not really. Just a better argument would do. To people (maybe just me) on this side of the pond the US military appears more political than the British equivalent. That is admittedly a purely subjective claim and I could well be wrong.

    But just from my POV the forces in the USA do seem republican both in deed (the British army is conservative by the same standards) but also in word. There does appear to be connection between the Bush administration and the high ranking USA military chiefs.

    What do you think/say?
  6. I'd say that you are stereo-typing based on your own bias.

    Speaking of conspiracy theories:

    "There does appear to be connection between the Bush administration and the high ranking USA military chiefs".

    Why, because they follow orders?
  7. Well, that could be because the president appoints some of them, and they all must work with the president on a regular basis

    It's true that many in the US military are republicans (as Republicans are more likely to favor maintaining a strong military than most Democrats), but like the article says, you try not to do that in uniform. There are strict rules against campaigning for candidates of any stripes in uniform, or saying something like "I'm Captain Smith, United States Army, and I endorse such and such for president".

    There are plenty of Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents who serve in the US military
  8. Oh, there are rules for Democrats but not for Republicans ?
    So two questions, why was a General allowed to go to churchs in uniform saying that Bush was sent by God ?

    Why is that hero who could not be called up because he had a pimple on his arse, on your armed forces radio ?

    Is that what the US military call being even handed and totally neutral in grubby politics ?
    Or, is that the norm if one has a politician as head of state ?
  9. Those stories you posted are four years old. This general is retired now. I don't think this general should have been allowed to do or say what he did. He seems to have gotten away with some strange things.

    The President of the United States is also Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces.
  10. Is simple really; those that join the US armed forces do so, contrary to the news media and others, to serve their country and swear an oath to protect and uphold the US Constitution.

    The US Constitution is the foundation of Freedom.

    The left leaning, sometimes marxist and stalinist, democrats have no use for freedom, or the US Constitution and are far less likely to subscribe to and organisation that it sworn to uphold what they reveil.

    So yes there are more right leaning people in the US Armed forces. Are they all met plenty of good minded Dems whilst in but they were all further right then the Dem party leadership is today.
  11. No, the rules apply to everyone, at no point did I say Republicans were exempt for any reason. And for the record, I'm not a Republican.
  12. As I recall,The US Commander in the Invasion of Haiti in 1994 said they were there to "Oppose Satan".I tried to look this up in the GENFORCE handbook but met with no success :?
  13. A commander, not the commander if your talking about who I think you are (and if it is, a serious nutter)
  14. Do tell,I can't find any reference ,but I know I read this (PM me if you wish)
  15. Ooh, ctauch! You're really demonstrating your bias/other-worldliness/stupidity here, mucker!

    The first part of your post I've emboldened should actually see the whole Septic Army descending on Washington to slot Bush the Bewildered, Darth Cheney and all the rest of the slimy fückers, if this oath is really taken seriously.

    The second emboldenment in your post strongly reminds me of Bush the Bewildered with his: "They hate our freedoms" (simply because it was entirely unreasonable to expect him to remember anything more complicated), and then proceeding to comprehensively dismantle those very freedoms. So is he in league with the baddies?