Republican Neo-Con Lesbian Novels

and, no, I'm not making this up..
This may be the reason Dick Cheney feels the need to go out and shoot feathered friends and flightless lawyers..

Seems Mrs. Dick ,Lynne Cheney, when not opening flower shows as the distaff VP is a closet scribbler...
She has written three books.. Executive Privilege [ 1979 ] and Body Politic [ 1988 ] co-authored with Victor Gold.. they offer a ' satirical ' take on Washington mores, mocking the press and politicians alike.etc. etc.. according to the marketing bumf..but Body Politic has an interesting subplot.. In the novel the Republican Vice President dies of a heart attack while boinking a sexy reporter, not his wife. The ' grieving ' widow, conspiring with his staff, turns his death to her advantage and by the end of the book is herself the vice-president...

but, that ain't all.. Her second novel, Sisters [ 1981 ], which is out of print and goes for about $ 500 on the used-book market is a historical fiction about the American west offering a dark and unsettling vision of frontier America where the women don't tend the farm and mend the socks..nope, they engage in lesbian sex..In the book, one woman stumbles upon ' love letters' penned by her sister delving into Sapphic mode. Sophie wonders what her sister's sex life was like as she reads the tomes and missives...

" there could be no tearing off one's clothing and lustily hopping into bed, not if one would preserve the love-religion. but the loving words and tghe warm embrace were permitted, and the kiss before sleep, the arousal gentle enough so that its nature would not have to be acknowledged...'

all this hot and sweaty stuff from an outspoken champion of Family Values!! wrote a book about girl on girl action!!.. I'm wondering if it wasn't ghost written by Cheney's out-of-the-closet daughter using mom as a pen name..

No wonder Dick has to go let off steam with a little buckshot to pinfeather action...

anything " good " written by Tony Blair's lapdog??

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