Republican bar in Moscow

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by codbutt, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Have a look at the latest addition to Moscow nightlife.

    Please PM me with offers of regimental stickers that my mates and I could use to add to the artwork here.
  2. Blimey. They ought to open a loyalist bar across the road and wait for the funn to start.
  3. Its probably owed by the Russian Mafia, so good luck!

    Guinness (500 мл) - 240 руб - is that a good price for a pint of Guinness in Moscow?
  4. Thats about £5 I think so they must be some very rich Republicans.
  5. Or Thomas 'Slab' Murphy.
  6. I notice the third photo down shows a typical 'troops out' pic with the squaddies marching in the direction of 'England'. Does that mean that Scots and Welsh cap-badges can stay put? Or does it mean that the guy who produced this painting is a mong?

    'They ought to open a loyalist bar across the road and wait for the funn to start.'

    We could open a Chechen-themed bar in London, except they're all Islamists, so they don't drink.
  7. Sadly, that's about standard for Guinness over here. And it's usually crap, too. I get mine in tins, brewed in St Petersburg, for 68 roubles a go. Or I buy Ukrainian dark beer.
  8. Do they have lock ins and if so, do they think of it as internment?

    Do they serve food or do they feel the need to emulate Bobby Sands and co?

    Are there toilets or is it a case of the good old fashioned dirty protest?

    And if the local supermarkets ever runs out of potatoes, do they blame it on the English?

    And just how Irish are Edelweiss and sodding Heineken?
  9. They always blame the English, thats why Scotland and Wales have never been bombed by them.
  10. I'm not sure about Wales but Scotland was supposedly never bombed because of the support they had there or that they could call upon. Though a bomb attack in 1977 in a Gorbals bar was attributed to the IRA.
  11. I'd say it more to do with blaming the English for all their troubles (A bit like the SNP)
  12. Sounds feasible. I do wonder what the Russians actually know about it all?
  13. Well you lot start everything :twisted:
  14. Which Cause/Fight/Struggle/War against the Opressors do they collect for in there?
  15. Aye