Republic of Ireland.......friend or foe?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Banker, Nov 26, 2017.

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  1. It's a question I've been struggling with for a while.

    More accurately, I'm struggling to think of a single example of where the RoI has acted as a decent neighbour. Perhaps I'm missing something. It's pretty easy to identify acts of neighbourliness by the UK Gov't towards the RoI, a recent example being the UK lending RoI £80bn during the financial crisis far quicker, and on more generous terms, than the ECB, in order that the place not fall over.

    The acts of hostility from the RoI towards the UK are legion, but can somebody help me out with examples of the opposite?
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  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Well, they better starting thinking about who'd they'd rather have on side. Us or the eu, if they go with the eu then it's a f*cking long ferry ride around us to get to France!
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  3. I can`t say that I have met more than a handfull of Southern Micks that were genuinely anti-Brit,and they were usually the pissed up aging type. When we get out of the travesty that is the EU,many will follow if they know what is good for them. Ireland will be among the first.
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  4. Republic of Ireland and the people, definitely friends and warm ones too in the majority.
    Various governments of the Republic of Ireland?
    Now that is another matter.
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  5. Best we get that 80bn back sharpish then!
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  6. I would have thought we could have bought the entire Republic of Ireland for less than £80 billion
    Especially as a distressed sale, it is bankrupt after all
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  7. The current Irish Government certainly are not friends of Brexit Britain. However, I think its important to keep in mind that the behavior the the current government is borne out of a deep-rooted desire to be the good boys of Europe rather than nationalism or any ill-will towards the U.K.
    The good news is that the privileged incompetents that currently hold power in Fine Gael probably won't last the course of the negotiations, the bad news is that their likely replacements will take an almost identical attitude regarding Brexit.
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  8. £3.2billion.
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  9. In what way would you (OP) expect RoI to be nice / decent next-doors to the UK apart from paying the UK back of course..with interest. I'm not aware of the population being bitchy...but (the population ) they do like to know all YOUR business without divulging any of their own. Nor do they take well at all to those they perceive as a bit up themselves. New comers with dosh could have a hard time. I knew Sir John Barry who settled there with his recording was a long time before the side-long glances stopped...when word got around who he actually was.(He and his daughter did "jingles" for Forth Valley Broadcasting which I'm still involved with)
    I always got on fine with them. Perhaps the Celtic Connection was a factor. I never asked..they treated me as I them.
    This is my view having done business there through the 80's.
    As for the R0I government...send 'em a case of Bushmills at Xmas. Job.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2017
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  10. @jagman2 Why on earth would you want to buy a place that is going begging. You can get it for nowt if you see a future in spud farming,and Pikey rearing.
  11. To its DNA Foe, although its happy to take your tourist euro, I suppose a bit like us with the French.....
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  12. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    That depends who’s delivering the aids and grants. It’s not that long with a guaranteed market at the far end. If the RoI have a sale and it’s financially viable why not continental Europe. Straight outta the Free State.
  13. I've been wondering who would want to put a customs border up between the north and the south. The current position favours the south mostly both consumer wise and industrially. Northern supermarkets car parks still have a surprising number of RoI Cars in them despite the pound/euro rate ditto garages servicing cars and some building supplies (though this may end as a cross boarder vat scam may be one reason the north is still popular for those goods).
    Industry wise The biggest supplier of concrete spans the boarder and has done since the bad old days, southern telecom companies do a lot of the work for BT and some electricity has traditionally been supplied from the south. If there is a boarder the Dail should be worried about it's As Biscuits AB eluded to Holyhead and Pembroke. So much Irish produce comes through those ports and the equivalent isn't a great option.
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  14. I had a couple of jaunts to the northern bit years ago,I`ll be buggered if I`m paying hard earned to go to the southern bit. I know too many Paddies that have warned me off concerning the rip-off prices.Also if I want to see hills and rain I will nip up "home".
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  15. I thought it was 8billion