Reps or Sets?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jack06, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. hi guys
    just wondering the best method of increasing pushups+situps, is it better to do 3 sets of 10 then the next week, 4 sets of 10 etc Or is it better to do 3 sets of 10 then the next week 3 sets of 15 etc?
    thanks in advance
  2. Personally i would say keep the sets the same and increase the reps, works for me, i think it will work either way really. I find that if you do more reps than sets you get more of a burn and then more of an ache in the morning, which has always been a way of ones body saying im working my muscles.
  3. hey brad!
    thanks for the quick reply, so go up by say 10 every week?
  4. Im working my pressups myself now (I had it up to 50, then took 2 weeks with the ACF and can only do 30... grr)

    I increased by 5, but I was working from being uber lazy to being uber unlazy...

    5 is a good number if you find 10 tough... 10 is a big number of reps really, many people cant manage that I know! (Its also a crap number, but hey :p)
  5. hi AT
    at the moment I can do 10 quite happily although by the 3rd set im lucky to get 6, hopefully by the end of this week ill be able to do 3 sets of 10, next week ill go up by 5 as you suggested,
  6. If you can only do 10 press-ups then i would suggest doing as much as you can physically do without hurting yourself. Would suggest getting down and pumping out a quick 20 everytime your watching TV and the ads come on or something
  7. hi brad
    will do, I know I need to pull my finger out and start seriously starting to get my numbers up and my time down
  8. That 'set of 20 in the ad breaks' a good idea, I do that too. I get some funny looks of me ex, but hey so what else is new.
  9. That 'set of 20' during TV adverts is good to increase your ability to do press-ups.
    But when you get to the stage when 20 isnt too difficult, you should start structuring the exercise better and doing say 3-5 sets of 20 press-ups in one sitting
  10. hi armed
    yer before the 20 during ad break I was doing 4 sets of 10 with a 30 sec break. My pecs are killing me today, watched two movies last night both with ads, but the thing is, towards the end when it was almost painful to do 10 I actually liked the pain, it motivated me!
  11. You liked it? Do you know MDN? Nevermind. Just keep it up, nice and progressive and consant, eat real food and get loads of water down. Just focus on the fact you don't want to be the slowest, weakest, unfittest during training, otherwise you'll get a crap nickname.
  12. hi morty
    ok you got me I didnt like it, but it did motivate me, and made me feel like I was really improving and getting stronger.
  13. Good on ya mate, beats doing nothing and being a waster! What do you want to do, career wise?
  14. I'm going in a vehicle mechanic B, Just love learning about how things work and making them work, once someone has stuffed them!
  15. Sounds like your 'breaking your pecs in' so to speak, keep it up an dont over do it. by that i mean if a muscle aches such as your chest dont try an beast it further cos you could end up fcukin yourself up.

    BTW make sure you do press-ups with hands in line with shoulders elbows tucked in!!!