Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Potty, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. Well, When i was 17 years old, I did some stupid drinking with a couple of friends, and went out in town, we stole some magazines from the returns of a shop, and got a reprimand of 5 years for doing so, although I put my half of the magazines back..

    I just wondered if this will stop me joining the army as a REME.
  2. how old are you now?
  3. at the moment the army might not entertain folk with records etc..! there is too many people in the army as it is and lots trying to join etc... go to your carears office and chat to them... the army really doesnt like theives petty or not...!
  4. If this isnt a WAH, go into your ACIO and they will take you through a Rehabilitation of Offenders form and talk about spent and unspent periods. Its all in confidence so better not discuss it here but from what youve said and if your only convictions(if was a conviction) I believe that there will not be a problem. Remember be honest though as if you dont declare it even if it wouldnt of stopped you getting in you could get booted out later on down the process with you do disclosure forms.

    the ACIO will advise best
  5. If convictions are demmed spent then they won't go against the applicant as in the eyes of the government and law you are rehabilitated and no longer a threat, danger or risk.
  6. Not entirely true as certain jobs can affect this as shown on the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act Forms, speak to the ACIO and theyll advise better.
  7. Ah right i see, fair do's. More the point i was making was that an applicant shouldn't be discriminated against due to his or her spent convictions when applying. Say for example if there were 2 applicants for 1 job then the person with spent convictions shouldn't have it as factor that makes the employer decide to give it to the other person.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.