Representative Rate of Pay - can anyone shed some light???

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Tankie, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. I am on AFPS 75

    I have attempted some calculations in order to work out how my AFPS 75 portion of pension will be effected after the 75/15 switchover. My 16 year point is just after the proposed change over.

    I was not aware of the representative rate of pay (RRP) before this digging exercise but from the link below was informed that my Immediate Pension (IP) is calculated as 28.5% of the RRP (link to FAQ below).

    Looking at the numbers kicked out by the calculator (as below) I attempted to work out what RRP would be:

    Your Service Details AFPS 75
    Start of Reckonable Service 04/09/1999
    End of Reckonable Service 04/09/2015
    Leaving NATO Rank OF 3
    Reckonable service length 16 years and 1 days
    Retirement age 38
    Final Pensionable salary £53,661

    Pension Details AFPS 75
    Immediate Pension £13,318
    Terminal Grant £39,954 (3 x IP)

    RRP = ((IPx100)/28.5)

    = ((13,318x100)/28.5)

    = £46,730,

    Somewhat different to my final salary of £53661. I thought that there may be a difference but a difference just shy of £7000 is a little steep, especially when the L1 salary for a Major is £47760!

    It also does not figure on the 2011/12 or 2012/13 RRP as published on the MOD website...

    I would be most grateful if someone could shed some light on how this all works. I would like to ascertain how badly I am going to be shafted by the new pension scheme and whether that shafting is going to get progressively worse the longer I stay past my AFPS75 IP point.

    This may allow me to provide some comment on the new AFPS outline scheme design document which at present makes little sense to me!

    Many t(h)anks in advance!

  2. I swear to Baby Jebus I will smash the **** out of one you one day.

    Phone SPVA.

    Do you ever listen to anything? We are not ******* experts. We just try to help.

    I saw my own arrse again there didn't I?
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  3. Join the Forces Pension Society

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  4. Seriously, just do it, then you'll likely get a helpful and accurate answer. I don't even get any commission but I still recommend them
  5. Thanks snail, a truly informative response!!!

  6. Uh oh! Watch out....roadster is stating "facts" again!

  7. SPVA work out one 'spot rate' for each rank based on the rates of pay contained in the Pay Letter. This 'spot rate' is then used to calculate the pension code for each rank so that, as one of the other contributors has pointed out, everyone leaving in the same rank, in the same year, with the same length of service gets the same pension. This is for AFPS 75 only.

    I am sure that SPVA would give you the formula if you asked them.
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  8. The reason for the differnec between the RRP and what I previously calculated is the difference made by leaving under PVR. All those on IRC take note before considering conversion to RegC!

    Not sure what the how the impact is calculated - that is the next challenge.