Representative Officer

Looking for an Engineer nicknamed CLEM is a bit like searching for a TAFF, WOODY, SMUDGE or CHALKY but if you ever were the man who represented a soldier in a remote country on a charge back in 2005 and your name is CLEM, then i'm looking to get that bottle of port I gave you, back, after we got hung, drawn and quartered that day coz i'm now sleeping under the bridges in Kings Cross and i'd kill for a snifter of that red stuff. On a serious note, if your still out there then I wish you the best of luck and if you aint then someone who knows him, do me a favour and send him my regards.
i do know a "Clem" in the armoured engr fraternity...he's just got out...but i'll see if i can get hold of him and pass on your :wink:

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