Representation not amounting to a redress

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by ArthurWitty, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. Yes you can but what will it achieve. You have to ask yourself if you think that you can win a re-dress, if you do then go for that option. Did you receive a Mid Term Appraisal? If yes did they point out any shortcomings in that? If not then you should have good grounds, if you didn't even get a Mid Term then you definitely have grounds.
    A Representation is all well and good but I'm not sure that boards rellay have enough time to read them fully, having already read your crappy CR/SJAR in the alloted time.
    Bloody good luck with it though if it is justified and your report really is that unfair.
  2. Just give us one clue though mate, which unit are you serving with? You can use PM if you'd rather not do it in the forum!

    Again, good luck with it.
  3. Redress it. You're more than entitled to if you dont agree with it. A friend of mine disagreed with his, he redressed and picked up. If he didnt he would have had no chance. So do it, its worth it.

    The boss wasnt happy he redressed, but tough sh1t, its your career, not his.
  4. Thanks buggrit


  5. My pennyworth is this:

    Not for nothing are the notes attached to CRs by disgruntled individuals known in Glasgow as "suicide notes".
    You can't redress opinion-only fact or something that is so obviously outrageous. If it comes down to the fact that your OC doesn't like you or doesn't think you as good as you think you are then live with it. It has happened to me at various times over the years-most recently in my latest report. Life goes on.