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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by adamb, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Got it yesterday and says multi tool/swiss army knife, blade no longer than 3 inches. Cant find a website that tells you the size of the blade, anybody know a good penknife/swiss army knife/multi tool website?

    ALSO can anyone recommend any warm waterproof coats? thanks all.
  2. Victorinox. Google is your friend
  3. Leatherman all the way. Gerber are popular too.
  4. Thanks all, Any warm waterproof coats that anyone recommends?
  5. Word of warning if you were going to splash out, you might not get to use your own waterproofs until adventure training on week 10, a good week btw.

    I'd recommend the Berghaus Cornice jacket, its gortex and good quality plus its pretty damn comfortable, oh and it doesnt make you look like a chav mong :D
  6. gary goretex from the man at Q+M, best waterproofs in town, they only come in green, black or green and black mixed.
  7. F*ck the 3 inch clasp knife.

    You need to take a 4ft Long Sword to fight off the Instructors that try to rape you at night.
  8. Lol, do they check your kit when you go in? & say if i was to buy a swiss army knife and it was 3.5" would it get conviscated?
  9. We never got checked at Pirbright and there was a few knives knocking around, just bought myself a nice new shiny one for phase 2 next week.