Can anyone point me to any previous threads on humorous phrases used to describe someone's performance during a cadre or course. I have a best mans speech to prepare.

I am sure I read one a while ago and have tried to search for it, but seem to either be having a mind fart of a day or I am keying in the wrong info.

Hescoheed said:
You are a true gent Dale

Indeed he is. In fact last week Dale took me out for dinner. He even pulled my chair out for me. He got slightly less gentle later on that evening after he had partaken in one too many Apple Schnapps. After telling me he loved me and that 'you complete me', we went back to his to start making babies. He's a very caring and gentle lover. Was even courtious to offer me a reach around.

Of course it was only after that that I realised that despite the convincing stubble he is in fact a she and I had been done up the wrong 'un by a bird. Still, could have been worse.

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