Reports Done, Guesses When Blinkett's Back

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. So he helped the nanny (Hmmm - isn't it a perk that you can use some aspect of job to help your 'mate'? Maybe he went too far), took the rail tickets (which he's now paid for) and got caught up in Quinn's shag-me-a-baby scheme. I still reckon it would be months - especially when Labour wins (unfortunately) the upcoming elections. Bliar isn't gonna see his mate on backbenders despite the report findings (like we couldn't have guess it anyway). But when he's back, Prescott's on the dole. Or Culture Secretary lol.

  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Eh ? Isn't yoghourt covered by MAFF ?

    (Yeah, I know it's got a new name, but it's still populated by cretins)
  3. DEFRA - "Department for the Eradication of Farming and Rural Activities"
  4. The most corrupt Government since LLoyd George.
  5. Due to there being no serious opposition Labour will win the next election, cnuts. At that point BLiar will appoint his new cabinet which will include Blinkett, the Chick Magnet.
  6. I reckon the speeded up visa was okay, it's the theft of taxpayers money I'm angry about. It ain't enough he's a powerful rich politician and she's a wealthy socialite (and daughter of a millionaire) piece of filth, it's the fact that he issues her FREE (i.e. stolen from the taxpayer) FIRST-CLASS rail tickets). Apparently they're a freebie for MPs' spouses and partners. To get first class tickets in the military you need to be a Major or above travelling on duty - if you're the partner of an MP you get them buckshee as a matter of course! Absolutely shocking.

    Not only that, she is a hell of a lot richer than the vast majority of the country. She could have got free transport off any of her vast army of sexual partners - why did Blind Pugh insist on allowing the taxpaper to pay for the slut's travel? He seems totally oblivous to the fact that he was nobbing a married woman and refuses to accept that he was wrong. For such an intelligent man, has he never heard of contraception?

    But SHE on the other hand is just a selfish, nasty, conniving scum-of-the-earth slut. Shagging every man she meets to get some perk. Meanwhile her husband is cuckolded fool - and I bet you she sues the arse off him when they split up. Just cos she has money doesn't make her any less of a spunkbucket. If she was on a council estate she'd be chavscum with hoop earrings, clown locket, shellsuit and a pramfull of kids by different dads!

    But I don't really feel strongly about it either way :wink:
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    While I detest the self-righteous tw@t, he probably has thought of contraception, but as she wanted a sprog off him she just twanged a rubber band around his dick and told him it was a johnny.
  8. Unf its pretty norm these days. Check any sunday's tabloid for the next slapper's spread of her conquest. Worse still - the ones that come in the papers to say it was a worthless sh*g. Who's looks the bigger idiot?! And its seems Quinn's big mouth have backfired on her 'n' all - not for the first time either....

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    or just like the feeling of tapping his other stick :roll: :roll: