Reporting to Southwick Park - What attire?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by EdwardCoke, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. Hello, I am due to report to Southwick Park for phase 2 training soon but the joining instructions do not state what attire one should be in when rocking up for training. I've called the only contact number given on the joining instructions but that is for the guard room and they haven't a clue.

    Can someone please help?
  2. Winter Order - Top hat (jaunty angle), cape, morning suit, spats and gentleman's dress shoes. Facial hair must be waxed (optional for females) and pocket watch 'pocketed'. If arriving by Hackney Carriage, please ensure that driver has received payment/gratuity and has departed before you summon the Gurad Commander to collect your trunk and luggage.

    Summer Order - Panama/Straw boater (with appropriate house colours), blazer, plus fours, stockings and stout walking shoes (carrying Mackintosh). Similar instructions as per winter order apply to mode of transport.

    You should make prior arangements for the accommodation of any staff you choose to bring with you.

  3. i'd turn up in a suit. we did to chichester anyway, although i'm aware that southpark is somewhat more relaxed about standards.
  4. Most typical, standards are dropping. Not a surprise really, being that the Corps are sharing with crabs and sailor boys.
  5. Not any more T_C!! Gladly things have changed now.
    Edward i seriously advise you to turn up in a suit, or the smartest clothing you own!! The Platoon Sarge will be waiting for you at the gate, so it's best to make a good impression from the off!!

    Biscuits............only one Jeeves can be utilised, due to lack of cupboard space for the menials..........Like the dress code though!! think it will catch on??
  6. Cheers PM. I shall turn up in my sunday suit.

    I've heard some horrible things about the course. Looks like it is all true then!
  7. Arrived at Chichester wearing a suit and left 6 months later wearing the same one. Difference being a stone and a half and a sub 9 min BFT time - in boots!!! Turn up, sober suit, dark socks, shirt and tie and shoes highly polished, not bulled). Yes, others will turn up looking more cool, but they will attract the wrath. You are going to be a Military Policeman - EXEMPLO DUCEMUS!
  8. Oh yes.

    For the original PM says, you wouldn't go far wrong wearing a suit mate. First impressions and all that.
  9. Do not believe ALL you hear!! It is a tough course, for a good reason, not everyone is cut out to have the honour of being a "monkey", but you will come out the end, a leaner, more knowledgable, confident, capable individual.........should you make the grade!!

    The RMP have high standards, even if a few "muppets" let thye side down...every Corps has it's w**kers, ours are just more visible than others!!!
  10. Biscuits, i think that you should draft a copy of your "Dress Codes for the Discerning Gentleman in the Royal Military Police" to QOS, see if he takes it on!!
  11. That is what other people have been telling me too. Barring injury, I think I will be able to pass the course. What do they do with injured people? Many people, including me, passed out of phase 1 carrying lower limb injuries. Do they use the back trooping system in Southwick Park too?

    Looking forward to Xmas leave!!!

  12. During your course, you have to pass a PFT and CFT to complete it!! also the exercise is rather robust!! if you are carrying a serious injury they have an RI that will sort you out (even if he is RAF!!) this may impact your training if it is serious, especially when you get to baton and cuff training, where you get thrown about quite a lot!! there is a holding platoon if you do get biffed, and they do work a re-coursing system for injuries.
    Question: if it is a serious injury, how the hell did you pass phase 1???

    Xmas leave starts 19th Dec....if you have earned it!!!! Pl Comd's discretion!! allegedly
  13. Praetorian M-please, please, please, its sergeant or "sarn't" not sarge. That sounds limp and wheedling, normally proceeded by "Can I...?" or "I didn't mean to do it..."
  14. So you have a copy of the Regimental Colonels's 'Guide to a YO in the RMP'. Excellent reading!!!
  15. I seem to recall a former SIB Major who's dress sense wasn't that far removed. Too many 'River Island' suits nowadays.