reporting someone

I heard from an RMP chap, who had quite a useless CSM type, that he told said WO2 "sod off or I'll report you"
This was due to the WO2 trying to ban him from the gym for no obvious reason.

I ask is this something unique to the RMP,or is it a lesser thing than a formal complaint, & is there a correct procedure for this somewhere?

No-one has upset me, its just I have never heard of it before


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Half past 5


Two minutes past seven?
Dont soldiers still have the power of redress against senior ranks ? Never heard of it been done, at least not by anyone who had a career afterward.
I understood a redress was what result you hoped for when putting in a complaint,

reporting a senior person must be an RMP thing, as i understand they are encouraged to grass up there pals who get things wrong

thanks for all info
:twisted: take them round the back of Coy stores and discuss on a man to man basis :wink:
Sounds like, said RMP chap was bigging himself up to impress.
Redress? Wasnt that when you destroyed your locker layout by running up and down the stairs every few minutes, each time in a more outlandish style of dress, which most certainly wasnt in Dress Regs? :p
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My mandarin peanuts flew to where.
Quality - sheer quality :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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