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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but is there still a requirement for annual reporting whilst on the Long Term Reserve? I haven't had a letter from Glasgow for a few years now, and I don't want some Johnny come lately screwing me over for my pension when the time comes (a while off yet luckily) - I did write to Glasgow a few years ago after moving, but I haven't had the form to sign and return for years.
Any advice most welcome! This doesn't mean I am angling for an all expenses tour to the 'stan btw :soldier:
How old are you? My father wrote when we moved-he must have been 48 or so and they wrote back to say he was close enough and they wouldn't be in touch again-that was in the late 70's though.
Grand old age of 44 - so not too old to receive the call in dire national emergency, providing they still have Ptarmigan, Clansman, TSC501/502, issue SLR/LMG or L85A1!!!
Could still cut a few people up in a 432 as well if need be.
I'm sure you're only in the LTR until your 45th birthday, so if you don't hear anything before then you're safe.

I haven't heard anything at all from the Army since I was transferred to the LTR, mind you I don't live in the UK any more, so that may be why.
I left in 2007 after almost 17 years service. My discharge certificate has no info in the reserve liability box. Does this mean I have no liability? I have heard nothing since I left and had nothing said to me about having to report anywhere at any interval. I left under normal discharge following notice. Strange.
I'm on the LTR until 60 having completed 14 years pensionable service, and have been out 12 years this year. I received annual letters asking me to confirm status until a few years ago, then nothing, although I did write to them.

Maybe I'll just have to let sleeping dogs lie!

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