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Cue lots of "RIP brave Sir, you will be sadly missed" by lots of people who have never met the bloke in their lives.
I'm off to put garage flowers on a roundabout. It's what he would have wanted.
Did we ever find out if Denton was a suburb of London or a vaguely South Yorks town?

RIP, condolences, too young etc.
This may be at variance to the expected norm but I didn't feel a flicker of real interest in this let alone any emotion whatsoever.
He's done a "Reggie Perrin" before any allegations about being "touched by frost" come out.....allegedly :)
Funnily enough, the bloke I work with did meet him at Gracelands. Frost was enquiring what the fuss was about ref Elvis, gravesite visiting fans etc. Cue one slightly embarrassed Geordie mit missus explaining what the score was.

That was just before some yank civvy got in his face telling him to show some respect and, like the good fearless UK reporter he was, he bottled it and legged it.

True story.
Typical of the old bugger to check out on the Queen Elizabeth in sort of absolute luxury he was so accustomed too.

According to the DM it will be a family funeral only, very possibly before the ship docks in New York or Southampton....
Wonder what odds you could have got from William Hill two Months ago on Mandela outliving Frost?
"And her-ooo, would lurive in a hearse like this?" (c. L Grossman) takes on a very different meaning...

And now, a short tribute by Pink Floyd:

He is survived by his brother Jack.

Actualy TW3 was quite ground breaking in it's time. Without it we probably wouldn't have things like HIGNFY and Mock the Week. He had a very annoying voice though and should never be forgiven for Through the Keyhole!

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