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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Big_Kahoona, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if there was anyone out there who has an example of a reporting for duty letter as i am posted soon and no body who i work with has the letter i am after. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Heres one from the WitchfinderGeneral he had on seniors thread a while back, similar to what mine were like. Hope its of use and apologies to WF General for nicking his masterpiece. Obviously cut and paste to your needs.

    See below for example template, however the rules are, fits one page, give all the facts and take the chance to make the right impression before you even get to start work, This was the last one I sent so I have left in bits as an example.


    HQ SO1 Post



    I have the honour to report that I have received a posting order instructing me to report to UNIT by a latest reporting date of DATE. I have been instructed to take up post as the POST within the SUB UNIT.

    I will be carrying out my tour of duty accompanied by my wife FIRST NAME, who at present is a ***** working in FILL OUT AS REQUIRED, and my two children NAMES who are excitedly looking forward to living abroad.

    At present I am the POST coving ***********. During my time in this post several major changes have taken place, including the introduction ******************, all of which I have been closely involved with. Prior to this, I served as the ******** at ****** working with the UNIT and several UNIT controlling *** FILL OUT AS REQUIRED BE BRIEF, BUT BIG YOURSELF UP

    I have wide operational experience serving in the ***********and *******, including several ********** missions, an area in which I have training in ****************. I hope my previous experience and additional specialist qualifications in ******* and ****** will hold me in good stead and make me a valuable team member within the POST. AGAIN YOUR CHANCE TO IMPRESS

    I enjoy all types of adventure training and, if time permits look forward to improving my skiing and climbing interest. Both my wife and I are also highly committed to the military community and look forward to expanding our circle of friends and being involved in the garrison’s social activities. EXPAND ON YOU PERSONALITY HERE

    It is my intention to arrive in COUNTRY TOWN by the DATE and take over a service families quarter, address yet to be confirmed. I genuinely look forward to meeting you and hope to provide a positive contribution to your command.

    I have the honour to be,
    Your obedient servant

  3. From the same place as me then but I couldnt get the link :evil:
  4. I have always found CO's prefer a big kahunas approach.

    Try this (and then let us know how you get on as I've never got round to sending it myself).

    Dear Sir,

    In accordance with ROPO******* you have the honour to have me posted in to your unit with a latest reporting time of ********.

    Currently I am employed as the Provost Corporal but have clearly excelled to the point where MCM Div feel that I will be best suited elsewhere; in a higher profile and clearly more challenging role. Unfortunately they have directed that I carry you through your Command Appointment instead.

    I am sure that you already have a line serial number which you feel would be appropriate for me but let’s just not be too hasty shall we and I am sure that we can arrive at some kind of mutual agreement shortly after I have interviewed you.

    (insert hobbies, family and other pish here)

    I very much look forward to joining the Regiment and I am sure that you will find my tour with you both challenging and rewarding.

  5. I thought the modern army was busy? tell me that this pretentious crap doesn't go on these days.

    The CO and RSM know that you are coming as they are sent your posting order, they either like you, dislike you or don't know you. In the first two cases you are stuck with it and in the third they will form an opinion when they meet you.

    You will do what they tell you to do and you will get the chance to state your preferences and ambitions on your initial interviews. Personally, never seen such pish in my life!
  6. Actually speaking as an employer I find such letters very useful, it tells me if the individual is married, has children, their recent history and what they are interested in (sports etc). Also where will they be living; do they need help getting a 1/4 etc.

    As fo the Army being busy - of course we are, how long does it take to write a letter?

    IMHO not writing such a letter of introduction is slack and rude. Old fashioned - yes maybe (what's wrong with tradition?). "Pretentious" - what are you prentending to be - polite? educated?
  7. I sent all my relevant bosses(RSM,ASM,OC,CO) letters even though they were all in Afghan at the time last year. Even though they were all away on tour everyone of them sent me back a reply thanking me for the letters and offering advice on my future tour and information for my family. It meant that they all knew who I was before they met me a few monhs later. So yes I think its worth the effort.
  8. Western,

    I was going to slate you for your post...

    and then I saw your avatar...QED