Reporting Dangerous Driving

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Ace_Rimmer, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone got any information and/or advice on reporting someone for dangerous driving?

    I'm assuming that I COULD report this to the Police and I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't/couldn't do anything but I REALLY want something to be recorded officially.

    I have the reg no. and description of the car, a description (but not name) of the driver and would definitely recognise him again.

    I'm worried that because I cannot report an individual as such then it's pointless.

    This particular incident was so dangerous and incensed me so much that I was dearly hoping for traffic lights to stop him so I could make my intentions clear.

    I won't go into details but it was only the grace of God that meant no-one was killed. This was then followed by multiple "dodgy" overtakes and then not stopping at a crossing when someone was clearly waiting to cross (I know that's not an offence but it's pretty bad drills nonetheless).

    So without debating the why's and wherefores, should/can I report it?
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    forget it mate your word against theirs police arent interested.
  3. IMO, Yes you should and probably.

    I reported someone doing high speed weaving on the M-way (nearly took me out popping across from the inside lane, screened by other vehicles which is why I didn't catch him on my scan). I rang 999, Police, they took it; like you, I didn't catch a number but I gave an estimate of where it was, time since incident and indicated which cameras they should have got him on.

    I don't mind high speed driving but there's a considerable difference between driving fast on a clear road and trying to do the same 6 inches from someone's bumper on a busy motorway, where 90% of the drivers have no more clue about what's around them than they do about the local stellar neighbourhood.
  4. Is that a serious answer?

    I'm not looking at it like I'm trying to get one over on someone but more that it seems my duty to report them.

    Thanks though.

    edit to add: that's in response to B_AB.
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    dont waster your time or breath. the police are not interested.
  6. To be honest Ace I was in a similar quandary up near Edinburgh yesterday; I decided not to take it further on the grounds that I couldn't imagine the plod being too interested.

  7. Thanks. I'd like to think that they would be interested. Although this is after the fact now.

    Honestly though, I regularly pass my girlfriend going the other way at about the same time as this happened and if she (or anyone else) had been coming that way then there'd be no chance of surviving! That's what really hit home.

    I was f*cking wild and only controlled myself because A: I'd be driving irresponsibly if I did let it get to me and B: I would have landed myself in court if I'd caught the little c*nt.

  8. And to B_AB too. It's sad times though when our first instinct is to think the Police wouldn't be interested. Bearing in mind all the "safety measures" that are put in place nowadays!

    Oh and I forgot to mention, I actually drove straight to the Police station afterwards and despite there being three Police vehicles outside, it was shut and only does part time hours. I'm not having a dig at the Police, as it shows how understaffed they are!
  9. Police would probably lock YOU up for something because you were an honest citizen and were trying to make the country better....


    Motorist "I'd like to report a dangerous driver, who nearly ploughed in to a crowd of young mums and toddlers on the crossing".

    Rozzer "Your VRN Plate is not road legal. The platic has faded. Take a £1000 find and 7 months nick, where you can read about murdering rapists getting 6 months".

    Just don't bother.
  10. It might be worth calling the OB, but even if they do take a statement from you. don't expect a result mate. It's got to get past the Cant Prosecute Service before they can charge anyone with dangerous driving, and seeing as it's your word against the other drivers they won't touch it with a barge pole.
  11. I agree, it's very sad indeed. As your quote marks suggest "safety measures" have sod all to do with safety and more to do with generating cash and figures to go towards targets.

    I, on the other hand, am having a dig at the Police. Not the individuals but the institution as a whole. I have a 24 hour Police station near my house that is manned 9 - 5! Whats all that about?!
  12. It's probably got coppers working out of there 24/7 but only has the front office manned between 0900 and 1700.

    You should come to my farce, with the restructuring we're going through, some of our nicks will have only 3-5 officers working out of there. That's not just per shift, that's 3 officers in total! 8O
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Mate I'm talking from bitter experience they are not interested. The only thing that they may be interested in is "if you are calling from a mobile whilst driviing are you hands free or can we get a couple of points for doing you"

    Cnut in a Range Rover rammed me off the motorway (M69 jnc 2) right under the cameras, police said nothing we can do about it mate your word against his.

    the only time a bad driver will get done is if its on camera of some discription. so dont bother dialing 999 keep the lines open for real emergencies like "help my pussy is stuck up a tree"

    as for cnuts that drive like cnuts cross your fingers and hope that one day they will go airborne on a bend and end up dead in a ditch.
  14. That would make sense as the car park is ALWAYS full.

    That's bloody mental mate. Is it any wonder the general public have no faith in the system?
  15. "Welcome to the Loamshire Police Service. We are here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

    Normal Officer hours are 10 - 12 Monday to Tuesday.

    If you are being murdered, press 1, for your automated crime number.
    If you are being raped, press 2, for your automated crime number.
    If you are being robbed, press 3, for your automated crime number.
    If you have been murdered press 4, for your automated crime number.
    If you have been raped, press 5, for your automated crime number.
    If you have been robbed, press 6, for your automated crime number.