Reporting, African style

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BrandySoured, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Note that the pictures have 'Accused' and 'Shafted' written underneath.


    Oh, and if it's already been posted then I'll punish myself suitably. Rusty, super glue covered nail up the Jap's eye?
  2. I'd say its on par with The Scum. :twisted:
  3. No.

    Tube up arse, razor wire up tube, remove tube.
  4. Probably more accurate though.
  5. True. I wonder if it does expose's on some African Union Peacekeeping Walts?
  6. From Front Page 2 :?

    I bet that'll please any Palestinians living in Arusha.
  7. Marlow :
    Arusha sounds like a fine place. As you say the quality of journalism isn't up to Daily telegraph standard but the judiciary is first class .
    A year in stir and six lashes for breaking into cars seems fair to me and AFTER escaping a lynch mob too( so no human rights by the sound of it )
    It sounds like an Arrsers paradise. What are house prices like ? May have to investigate .
  8. Has its moments, the mobs add a certain flavour to the daily drive to work. Ifyou like being lied to on a daily basis by your bone idle african staff, constantly being ripped off by everyone, turned over by the police because your insurance being the slightly wrong colour of pink and enjoy fustration at biblical level, then, yes, Arusha is the place for you.
  9. House prices - here you go mate:

    Seems a bit much to me but what price luxury?

    Read the paper and it looks a lot better than my current habitat. ......and I thought everyone knew that African staff lie through their back teeth! Start with that premise and you won't go far wrong.
  10. Go and find the superglue while I search. This was posted last year too.
  11. shame you cant buy the gaff if you're white.
  12. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]



    But I lioke: