Reporting a burglary

*Click* Hello This is the Police.

*Whispered voice* This is Mr Smith, I'm calling from my bedroom. There are burglars down in my living room. Please come quickly!

*An officially pedantic voice* I'm sorry, both PC's on patrol are in the highstreet ignoring chavs and the other are having their union enforced break. We won't be able to send anyone over. Please remain calm and silent and the burglars will go away. Goodnight. *click.*

Three minutes later Mr Smith calls again. A somewhat hyper voice says: This is Smith again, I killed both burglars with a spade, can you send an ambulance to check if they're dead?

Within five minutes four PC's and ambulance were at the Smith's and arrested the completely unharmed burglars.

This sad story actually happened in march 2006.

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