Reporters at War

Discovery Civilisation showed part 2 of a documentary 'Reporters at War' last night at 2100hrs. One of the interviewees was a young, female British reporter who had covered the early years of the Bosnian War, 1992ish.
She 'accurately' described her experiences as 'sexy and fun'!! FFS, too long spent on the pointy end of a litre bottle of Smirnoff me thinks. I would describe the Balkans problems of old - Bosnia, Kosovo etc as many things but sexy and fun are not adjectives that spring to memory. Exciting ( in a brown underwear type scenario ), boring ( most of the time ) or mathamatical ( counting down to end of tour) would probably be nearer the truth.
Ho hum, as long as her rose tinted spectacles turned the images of mutilated women and kids into sexy fun who am I to complain! Hopefully the silly who*re has been neutered and has given the gene pool a fighting chance.
That would be the war correspondents that spend very little time actually IN the war zone (apart from finding the nicest hotel once the relevant capital is liberated\overrun by the forces they are covering).
I was quite shocked when I found out just how long some reporters spent in Bosnia at a time (some were flying back to their European home towns each Friday). War reporting ain’t what it used to be!

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