If a soldier has just been promted and moved into a PID at her unit in her new rank then has 7 months in this rank at the unit then posted to a new unit for 7 months how does the reporting work?
As it is over 6 months does that mean she recieves 2 SJARs ? One after the 7 months at her current then one at the end of the reporting year at her new unit or what?
Think it says extended report..... A report to cover 14 months but does that mean that the current unit won't have a imput? 7 months seems a long time
That doesn't sound quite right to me. 14 months at the new unit in the new PID might be correct to bring her back into line with the reporting year though.

Hard to tell without the detail. Could you not get your RCMO to confirm the career advice on the AO with Glasgow?

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Yea, ill check tomorrow and repost in here. She got given her substantive SSgt on 15 jul. getting posted on 31st jan. and then SSgt SJAR not given for another 7 months
It will be extended as she will have only been wearing her sub rank for 3 months before the annual report for this year is due at APC and therefore not long enough in her sub rank to produce an accurate report.

Her new OC (or whoever is reporting on her) should contact her old unit to get some sort of insert on how she had performed during the first half of the reporting year. If the old OC is on the ball I would think that this could be covered in her MPAR which the new unit should be able to access.

But then that is common sense and we know there are certain individuals/units out there that are lacking in said common sense.
The AO says that a report should be written by 15th July 13 as a sgt. Then a SSgt report by 30 Sept 14. But that is 14 and a half months. Cut into 2 periods of 7 months between 2 units. Will she have a insert slip from one or what?
According to the JSP because she has longer than 6 months then the losing unit do not have to initiate anything as she will have 7 months prior to her report being due at APC. That being said unreported periods are to be minimised and therefore you would expect the RO from the losing unit to at least provide guidance to the recieving RO.

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