Report 'to claim Hoon misled MPs'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 10, 2003.

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    Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon is reportedly to be accused by MPs of giving "misleading" evidence about the government's controversial Iraq dossier.
    The London Evening Standard newspaper says that is the claim to be made by MPs in the Intelligence and Security Committee's (ISC) key report which is due to be published on Thursday.
  2. The man is a c*nt.
  3. Ma

    Good point, well made.
  4. I do have my moments. :lol:
  5. Will he have the decency to do the honourable thing and fall on his sword ?

    Or will he continue to be a complete tw*t and carry on pretending that nothing is wrong??

    Hoon is still hanging on by his fingertips.

    I think he has been told not to resign until the results of the Hutton enquiry have been made public.

    If he goes now there will be no one left to go when the sh1t hits the fan on Huttons desk.
  7. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    babiesarm - Spot on I reckon

    I agree with Ma's succinct summing up though.
  8. Just read quite a good article on the Financial Times site, this quote from another t*sser, Jack Straw.........

    Jack Straw, foreign secretary, said: "I am in no doubt that the defence secretary should and will continue in his post."

    Are these people all fcuking stupid or what??
  9. They're definately not "what", so the alternative is.........

  10. I remember a while back that the feeling was that old "Buff" Hoon wasn't doing too bad a job, looks like either we were all mistaken or he has lost the plot, ah, Kylie about the new "intruder and plug set"
  11. He was doing a good job. He kept his head down and said yes when told to do so. He has just learnt a lesson a recruit in week one could have told you "don't think for yourself" especially if you are a crap civvy
  12. Let's hope the Hutton Inquiry concludes the following (truth in other words)

    1. The government lied about the state of readiness of Iraqi WMD as a justification for going to war, the truth being that BLiar wanted to bolster his position on the world stage and curry favour for his ambitions to be the 1st Euro President.

    2. Hoon, like other elected government ministers, got his daily instructions from Alistair Campbell and was told to keep his head down and suport the party line.

    3. The truth starts to (inevitably) leak out and the government are in real danger of being proved as liars. Someone must be a scapegoat and so they line Dr David Kelly up to take the fall and the heat off the PM for being a lieing c*nt.

    4. David Kelly cracks under the pressure and commits suicide fearing his reputation has been irrevocably damaged and that he has brought shame on his profession and family.

    5. Hoon, being the spineless tw*t he is, tries to cover his tracks and point the finger everywhere he can while the PM flees the scene to the far east on a "summit" and Ali Campbell tries to smear David Kelly's reputation posthumously. He goes before the whole truth is uncovered and he causes more damage to the government.

    6. In amongst all the finger-pointing it appears that the Sec of State for Defence is in effect either a liar or hopelessly out of touch with jhis department. Either circumstance warrants the conclusion that he must go.

    7. The PM knew all along that the claims were fabricated as the Int Ctte says so casting further suspicion on other elements of the dossier. With no-one else to blame No 10 convince Hoon to stay long enough to take the fall. It looks like he is reluctant to be the sacrificial lamb.

    If this was the US, BLair would be facing impeachment by now! Clinton was nearly thrown out for getting a BJ in the Oval office, an act far less significant than committing our nation to a war!
  13. Errr....Can't really see them saying that!

    He's a politician, and "truth" probably isn't his forté.
  14. If this was the US, BLair would be facing impeachment by now! Clinton was nearly thrown out for getting a BJ in the Oval office, an act far less significant than committing our nation to a war!