Report on Edward Heath Allegations

1.5 million quid and 2 years to carry it out. Looks like Heath won't get elected again, then.
I understand the Duke of Wellington has been accused of wearing kinky boots. I wonder how much that investigation will cost?
The report came to the conclusion that police would investigate someone who'd been accused of a major crime if the accused person were still alive?

#7 he was a prev, big-time flasher
Sure, he was always waving "Little Winnie" about in public, was Winston. Couldn't help himself. He was at it all over the place - on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields & in the streets, in the hills...
I see his former PPS is now demanding an independant review of the report. Then perhaps we can have a nice enquiry into the review. Good job we have far more money than we need and these useful fellows have found a way to stop it bunging up the broom cupboards at the treasury.
Why don't they make the accusers take a polygraph test ? That would save about £1.5M .....
If they are telling the truth , we burn an effigy of the bloke on Nov 5th and be done with it .

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