Report from the Defence Select Committee

The Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) has an authorized strength of 46,000 and maintains some 45,800 personnel and operates 119 major warships, including twenty submarines, fifty-three destroyers and frigates, twenty-nine mine warfare ships and boats, nine patrol craft, and nine amphibious ships(total displacement of approx. 432,000 tons)[2] . It also flies some 179 fixed-wing aircraft and 135 helicopters. Most of these aircraft are used in antisubmarine and mine warfare operations

Think we could learn from them,

The report is actually about Medical Care for the Armed Forces.

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BAFF submitted written evidence to the Inquiry, and a number of ARRSers submitted comments online.
103. In terms of funding, Combat Stress received money from the Veterans' Agency and from the war pension treatment and travel allowance. However, this was in itself problematic, as a very small proportion of those whom it treated (around 2% in 2006) were in receipt of a war pension. Commodore Elliott explained that "we do not turn them away; we worry about them first and how the hell we are to fund what we are doing for them comes second".[80

sorrt of attitude I like, though the government will readily spend £100 billion to prop up a bank, but not an extra penny for the armed forces in any way


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