Report :Castro terminally ill

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Devil_Dog, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. I assume by your post that you are not a fan? septic are you?

    Cuba is a fantastic country who have been a right royal pain in the AArse to the yanks and for that reason alone I for one am sad to hear of this.

    Yes they are poor but that would have nothing to do with the usa would it?

    Castro has sent back every Cheque (this is the correct spelling for a financial promise note by the way, it's not "check" ) that the usa have sent him as rent for Guantanemo, to accept them would mean they were there with approval.

    I have listened to him speak and he has a passion for his country that more politicians could do with!

    When he visited the UN in New York he went to harlem to visit the people he had stayed with as a young man.....ignoring the politicians and business people who want to ruin has country as they have so many.

    My daughter became ill when we visited and the local DR had more compassion and training than some in the NHS and tons more than the ******* in the US who couldent give a sh@t if your not insured!!!!!!!

    The people of cuba were both exited about the change when castro does go but also they know they will be in the crap when it does as big business will f@ck them over more than any regime could.

    If you are looking for a fantastic holiday go to cuba...but dont go to valadero as it just spain in a diferent country.

    Oh....and theres no yanks!!!
  2. Fully concur with Datumhead's post.

    Cuba is a great place to visit, fantastic hospitality, and a great attitude to life despite the poverty.

    Also no spams.
  3. Cubans are great people.That's for sure.But Castro is no angel.If you think Cuba is great, it will be greater after Fiddy is gone.I think the US policy towards Cuba has been a failure since '59.Its stupid and senseless but I, like a lot of people think the country needs to shed its old scaly skin and emerge as the party town it really is.This after Castro makes an exit.
  4. Like Bush is the angel Gabriel!!!!!

    Let see

    A country which has:

    child labour/poverty,
    laughable gun control
    rigged elections
    secret torture camps
    questionable foreign policy
    A "patriot" act

    PLEASE.......sort out your own f@*$ing mess before screwing up the rest.

    Oh and cuba was a party town...RUN BY THE MAFIA FFS
  5. I'm no fan of Bush and the mob that runs the Whitehouse.I have been a very vocal critic of his policies.That said, I'm not about to swim to Cuba.I'd rather land at Havana Airport, check into a hotel and live the good life for a few days.

    You seem to have a romanticised view of Cuba that you would only see in a tourist brochure.They have some real problems there.We all do.If the demise of Castro will bring them a better life so be it.I have a problem with people (anybody) who clings to power for too long.Once again my beef is not with the mamasitas and senors of Cuba but with the despot running the place.

    To blindly support Castro because his only achievement is standing up to the US is to miss the point.I suppose you count Chavez as an inspiration?
  6. Like Devil Dog, I am neither a fan of W.'s nor of U.Spolict towrds Cuba. I had a friend who spent a year in one of Castro's prisons for the crime of publishing an underground newspaper. While he was there, radioactive iodine was injected into his thyroid to increase his metabolism.

    US policy towards Cuba is wrongheaded. I say lift the embargo, and get some more good baseball players up here. However, Cuba's economic problem's are the result of Castro's mismanagement of the economy, and Cuba's humans rights record are the result of the regime's authoritarianism.
  7. Amen.

    Say, wherefore in Septicstan do you hail?
  8. What they need to do is wait until Castro drops off and then after a decent interval start introducing some market reforms like they've done with China to start getting their economy going again. If they can couple it with getting the bloody stupid embargo lifted they could actually start thinking about making some serious reforms to the place.
  9. 51st US state anyone? Could turn it in to a mini Vegas. Yeah baby yeah!!
  10. Christ I hope not, I'd like to visit before it becomes too commercialised. Lets leave Las Vegas in Las Vegas shall we? Hence my hope that they go the way of gradual reform so that they can build up their own economy and businesses before all the international ones swoop in and buy up all of the island.
  11. Well ya tried exploding ceegaars and they didn't work so how did ya get him this time ?
  12. Sorry Brick.As soon as it opens up,all the rich American movies stars, sports people,anybody with money will buy a home there just so they can say "yep.I was down at my summer place in Cuba last weekend."

    The place is only 90 miles away.Maybe 20 mins by private plane.Thats an hour and a half driving distance.Dont be surprised if somebody at Halliburton comes up with the idea of building a brigde to connect it to the mainland.

    Better go now while you still can.In ten years the place will be barely recognizeable.
  13. I live in Alexandria, VA. In a past life, I used to work at the Radio Marti program of the Voice of America. Where are you?
  14. Tell me about it. If it's not something like that it's the bloody chavellers. :(