Report a dangerous driver?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by CptDanjou, May 28, 2012.

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  1. A stupid bitch came screaming up our road and splattered my daughters cat of 8 years yesterday , it could have easily have been a kid , whilst the driver was very apologetic my missus wants to report it to the Rozzers , what's the best route or is it a waste of time ?
  2. Not being a Police Officer or Lawyer...

    Do you have proof that she was speeding?
    Do you have proof she was driving dangerously?

    Because I bet you don't!
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  3. Have you thought about calling the local cop-shop for adivce?
  4. As Legs said...Did you even witness this happening, or are you just being hysterical over a second-hand story?
  5. If you got her number you can down to the nearest cop shop and make a statement. 6 months later you'll get a letter from the Chief Constable stating that as it's not deemed in the interest of the public the police will not be proceeding with a prosecution.

    However - If you are lucky you'll be invited into an interview room where 2 detectives will (having checked the vehicles index number) place a print off of the owners details before them and tell you that unfortunately the Data Protection Act prevents them revealing the details of the driver. They will then 'go for a coffee' leaving the information on the desk for you to copy.
    This is what happened when I got knocked off my bike by a Stretch Limo in Haymarket.
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  6. Running over a cat is not a reportable offence, so I doubt very much that the police will even bother doing anything!
  7. Do you live in a 1975 episode of the Sweeney?
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  8. If you know where she lives slash her tyres and leave a note threatening to send an Arrse Squad around,,,,Police don't do cats,dogs or bunny rabbit related car crime......
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  9. I know who she is , lives half mile up the road , school teacher , the missus went to her house and gave her a bollocking and said she was going to report her for dangerous driving , I have my doubts as to whether its worth the effort.
  10. Dogs they do, as they are classed as property.
  11. So you didn't see it happen then. :roll:
  12. Don't think cats are animals that the police care about when it comes to car accidents - the only ones on the list are useful animals like dogs, cows, horses etc.

    It's highly unlikely you've got any proof she's done anything wrong (unless there's a working speed camera or CCTV system on your road).

    In other words, there's probably absolutely no point whatsoever even making the effort of lifting a phone up to call Plod.
  13. What, the kids in your area have four legs, a tail and whiskers?
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  14. Im in the West Country so yes .
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  15. Front door open heard car screaming up the road then a bang outside my house , one splattered cat and one apologetic female drive , I doubt she would deny running the cat over but would probably deny speeding so it cant be proved, it would be nice on our part for her to at least get an official letter saying there had been a complaint.