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Replying to Threads

What happened to the little box that had the facility to add bold and insert images etc on replying to threads?
Mine seems to have disappeared and even if I click 'Go Advanced' it doesn't come up.
I had this too.go to the 'general settings' in your profile and then scroll down until you get to misc settings.there should be an option for 'enhanced',click it and save settings at the bottom.


Book Reviewer
JD, if you look under 'Settings' > 'General Settings' > 'Miscellaneous Options' are you set up as 'Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing'?


There are keyboard shortcuts for some stuff

ctrl+b = bold
ctrl+i = itallics
ctrl+u = underlined
And why do I now get a little pop up when I navigate away from a thread I have commented on. I have to click it before I can carry on. It's not a major drama cos I don't post a lot.

But some of these ******* will end up with Carpal Tunnel syndrome with all the extra clicking they have to do.