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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Bovendial, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. I submitted my officer application the other week and read that I would be contacted within 10 working days about the application. I still haven't received any contact and it is now a fair bit beyond this time period.

    I was just enquiring to see what this may mean. Is this normal to be over the 10 days? Have I not been accepted? Are they looking into something on the application?

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  2. I'd give it longer what with it being a Bank Holiday an all.
  3. Well I submitted the application on the 4th April, so 10 working days would have been the 18th. So the 10th day would still have been a few days before the bank holidays.
  4. Take the hint.
  5. The bank holidays have probably slowed things down. I would wait until they are back at work and then give them a ring to ask. Makes you look keen too.
  6. It can take a lot longer for the ACA to get back to you dependant on the area they are covering, the ACA who covers my area is taking anywhere up to 5-6 weeks to sift through Army Interest Forms when he is in the Office. Just bide your time and if you meet the academic requirements you should get called forward for an initial chat.
  7. My son applied about a month ago and hasn't had a reply.

    Every body is busy..blah...blah...blah. If 10 days is claimed and advertised to the potential employee, that's what it should be. Under-resourcing recruiting would be a bad idea right now.

    One of the problems of the last redundancy round was an impression to the employment base that the Army wasn't recruiting, people just didn't come through the door. Not keeping in line with advertised time scales gives potential recruits the wrong impression; if there is one facet of the soldier that we need to instill it is timeliness!

    If the Army aspires to recruit the best and brightest, and compete with industry for those people, being slack and arrogant towards employment inquiries isn't going to help the cause. Its bloody rude.
  8. I originally applied on the internet back in January, waited a few weeks then I got fed up so I took some time off work and went down to the Army Careers Office. Met my ACA's assistant - she then said to me it can take months to get the application correctly assigned from the internet so we went through another application form/education requirements/ucas points/degree etc and then she organised an interview with my ACA.

    From my experience dont rely on the internet, go down to your local Army careers office and hopefully you'll be able to do the same as above. The least it will show is that you are keen!

    * edited so it reads slightly better.....
  9. Understand your frustration but with all the cuts especially those who did the admin side in the civil service you are finding many people doubling/tripling up on their jobs. Theres only so many hours in the day for each of these ACAs to get round possibly 3 or 4 counties to interview potential officers plus all the other stuff they have to do and in some cases no civil staff to assist. As someone also mentioned the Easter period doesnt help along with all the other holidays this month.

    The online application can be more frustrating so just go straight into the AFCO/ACIO so someone can assess their potential and give AIF to them (in many cases it classes as a filter to see if they have potential prior to the ACAs first interview/chat).

    And under resourcing Recruiting as and always will be is always going to be rightfully put to those on the front line....maybe my response will not be the answer your after but I have seen my ACA working 12 hour plus days (mostly travelling 100s of miles a week to conduct interviews and having to do his own admin due to the shortage of no assistant)

    Also a bit of patience...isnt it better getting the correct response and advice from the ACA rather than half the facts from an assistant. Aswell if you applied for a civvy job and didnt get response back within a few weeks you wouldnt batter an eye most cases you will never hear back from Ex WO1 mate of mine just got a call forward interview letter from a company he applied to 14 months ago having heard nothing from them in the last year.
  10. They were late with my application too. To the order of about a week. I followed up with a call to understand where it was sitting and the chap I spoke to seemed to be well aware the of application and gave me an update then and there. A few days later I went off to my interview.
  11. When I worked in Civvy HR we always replied to the rejected applicants first to get them out of the way and stop them pointlessly phoning in asking about their application. I would have thought that those who do get a reply in 10 working days will probably contain the message 'Thanks but no thanks. Try the post office'
  12. My ACA was really swamped with applications this time last year and it took about 6 weeks for me to get an interview with them.

    Be pro-active. Find out the number of the ACA/ACA assistant and give them a call. Keep calling until you get an answer - even if it is just a confirmation that they are really busy with applications.
  13. Thanks everyone, you've all been brilliant in your answers. I know a great deal more about the situation and what is going on from your answers so thanks all!