Reply from my MLA Re Soldiers & NHS Hospitals.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I recieved a reply from my MLA,Lady Sylvia Hermon with regards to our lads being treated in NHS Hospitals;

    Cover letter;(edited)

    Dear spike,
    At long last I have recieved a response from Derek Twigg MP in relation to your concerns about the standard of healthcare for members of the Armed Forces returning from Operational Theatres.....
    In any event,please be assure that I shall continue to use every oppertunity afforded to my to raise concerns about this matter here at Westminster.
    In doing so I shall certainly highlight the pertinent points raised by you & other constituants who have written to me over this important issue.

    And in a handwritten note at the bottom;

    I am embarressed -but not suprised-by the tardiness of the response from the MoD!It's the worst dept of government to have to deal with by a long way.

    And the reply from Derek Twigg;

    Thank you for your letter dated 6th October enclosing the e-mail from your constituant,regarding the provission of healthcare to our forces returning from operational theatre,please accept my appologies for the delay in doing so.
    The security of our personnel admitted as in-patients is of the highest priority & remains under constant review.At Selly Oak,a strong liason is maintained between West Mids Police,Universiity Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust (UHBFT) & the Security Management team & the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM) Command Team to ensure the appropriate levels of security are provided to our personnel.We have recently added Swipe Cards to those wards where Military patients are most likely to be accomodated.

    With regards to the specific allegation your constituant refers to that a wounded Para who was a patient in Selly Oak Hospital was threatened by a Muslim visitor,MOD & the hospital have investigated this & to date there has been no report to military or hospital authorities of any such incident & patients.Staff who have been questioned about this aledged incident have no such knowledge of any such actual event.

    Finally,RCDM as allocated rooms in the hospital for relatives of Service personnel who are listed "Very Seroiusly Ill"(VSI) or "Seriously Ill"(SI) where relatives can stay whilst visiting a patient.These rooms,Which are provided free,have recently been refurbished. (Between August & December 2006) Depending on availability,RCDM also allow families/relatives of non-listed patients to stay in thses rooms,but the priority is of families/relatives of VSI/SI listed patients.In addition RCDM has taken over two flats from UHBFT,each having three bedrooms,with the plans for a further two flats to be mad available to the Defence Medical Welfare Service(DMWS) n the near future.During the Christmas Period additional accomodation was hired within the local area to ensure tha families would have ready access tp the hospital during this period.RCDM also provides a list of local B&B accomodation which has been inspected by DWMS.If there is a medical recommendation that relatives of a patient should stay with them,the MOD provides travel & subsistance costs for two relatives for up to seven days,although this can be extended if medical advice recommends it.If patients are not listed as VSI/SI,the individuals regiment can also pay for family travel.

    The £690M Birmingham New Hospitals Project will replace the existing Queen Elizabeth & Selly Oak hospitals & will include a "Hotel" with a number of en-suite rooms designed solely for the use of service families.Additionally,when these facilities are full,it will be possible to request extra rooms.

    The DMRC at Headley Court also has a facility where family members visiting patients & costs for this facility are met by DMRD,

    I trust that the above is helpful,
    Derek Twigg MP

    So the initial concern that I had about security for our injured has been 'glossed over' in favour of promoting what the MoD are doing next.The letter contained some very useful gen which I wonder if the families of our injured visiting loved ones know about,in fact I wonder if the military personnel know about.
    Your views lads?
  2. Identical to the reply that my MP received. He also commented on the length of time the MoD took to reply.
  3. Tell me if a service patient is not on the VSI list but the illness necessitates a long stay in hospital do NOK have to pay the transport and other costs to visit?
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Swiss Tony promised in October during PMQ's that the armed forces in Selly Oak would soon be in military only wards. Having contacted my MP about the issue he going to Selly Oak on a fact finding visit. Liam Fox has also put down a Parliamentary Question on my behalf to find out what is going on and if our dear PM has once again told a blair faced lie to MP's whilst addressing them.
  5. I understand that the flats referred to are now in use, or about to start being used. I think it is probably accurate to say that MOD didn't provide the funding as willingly as they might, unsurprisingly. The rooms in Alexander Block were 'refurbished' last year (i.e. painted), but still resemble prison cells with bars on the windows. All facilities are shared, from the ablutions (shared with office workers), to the fridge in the corridor.

    There is no official funding in these cases; if the families can't afford it then the patient's unit, Regimental Association or a Service charity will usually be approached.