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Did any one bother to read all that
You are a bore and a dullard with delusions of non existent grandeur.
You are a leech upon the tax paying public and contribute nothing of any worth to society.
Your arrogance and posturing negate any valid points that you may make.
You have bored us to death enough as it is.
You have provided us with a modicum of amusement for a while but you have now outlived you fleeting usefulness in that regard.

Do yourself a favour - fade away in to the distance. No one is REALLY interested in your rantings anymore.

Greengrass - no I didn't mate. :mrgreen:


I savour this post for when I hit about 85 (in a mere trifle of another appr 50 years) and have enough time on my hands to be bothered to read the whole dross. :lol:
FFS - someone make it stop...................................................................


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Peter Dow and his like. IMHO we need people like this to show the extreme end of the human scale. At one end we have the tree huggers united and the other PD and some delusioned people who may agree with him.

In between are the vast majority of sensible people who make this world worth living in.

PD may speak a lot but one fact is very, very clear he does NOT speak for Scotland.

In fact PD is probably the best type of extremist on this site as his rantings go round in such a way that he will soon disappear up his own ARRSE.
"Not only are doors slammed shut in my face but there’s often a security guard ready to call the police on me if I don’t push off."

That's because your a boring, narcissistic pr!ck Peter.

Get a life you sad sad little man.

Standard Bearer? Fcuk off you tool.
So, it's official then.. you're a raving looney..

thanls for clearing that up..
Peter, have you met our good friend BB / Candida? It's just I notice that you're after a girlfriend and someone on another thread suggested that you'd be perfect for each other. Why not check out her website - - I'm sure she'll be glad of the company and I bet you two will get on like a house on fire.

Primarily because you're both wired to the bloody moon.
Has anyone actually read all the post? I only ask as iy was far too boring for me to even at work.

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