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I know some members on here have had mixed results from their MPs.

I emailed mine back in October 2006, all I got back was an email asking me my address to compley with Parlimentary Convention, despite sending this email 3 times the esteemed Labour MP ignored my email.

When the article broke in the Telegraphe recently I emailed her again and got a bland reply back from the Spin Doctors. Now that she bothered to reply I sent the origonal email, she sent a snotty one back saying:

You have already had a letter setting out my views on these points. You might not have liked the reply that you got, but my views have not changed since writing to you.
I replied to her saying that I had infact stored all her emails and there was no such reply so she sent me a letter dated back in October.

My Questions:

1: The gross under equipping of HM Forces despite the executive stretching them further and further.
2: The incompetent handling of defence procurement that has wasted Millions of pounds of tax payers money and puts the lives at risk of the brave men and women in HM Forces.
3: The disbanding and amalgamating of Military units during a time in which the Government are committing them to more and more operations, often back to back resulting in lack of leave and training.
4: Your views on British Operations in Iraq/Afghanistan

Her reply:
I do not recognise statements one to four. I am sure you have heard by now that the Labour government has approved a tax free bonus for every soldier in action. As to my views on British operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, I supported both actions and I continue to support them and our troops.

My COmments:
Foreign Policy
1: The surrender of more power to Europe than any other Prime Minister
2: Surrender of the rebate
3: Attempts to do a deal with Spain over Gibraltar, despite opposition by its citizens.
4: The spine less handling of the Lebanon conflict, the condoning of what is clearly War Crimes and would be called so if it was any other country other, and the complete double standards that have been applied by this Government in dealing the conflict.
5: The fact that we seem to be informally run by Washington

Her reply:
Foreign Policy
None of your statements are factually correct. You might be interested to read the enclosed newsletter which lays out my stance on Lebanon.
Do members of LAbour have their brain removed when they become MP's

There is more to the letter but it would make the thread to long, if people are interested the other ares I mentioned were:

Criminal Justice:

Interesting to note, one of the questions I asked about standards was:

When in opposition this government made a big deal about the sleaze and scandal of the former government and yet have managed to have more then them.

She didnt bother to reply to this point at all.


War Hero
it's almost as if she was avoiding honest answers///but no an MP wouldn't do that :pissedoff:


Mazur_UK said:
it's almost as if she was avoiding honest answers///but no an MP wouldn't do that :pissedoff:
The rest is even worse, what would you expect from a Labour MP. I like the bit that she claims all my comments about Foreign Policy are all factually incorrect.

My Comments:

Criminal Justice:

1: Reform of the Court and Judge Appointments
2: Tipping the scales back to support society and the victims instead of protect the Human rights of offenders of all others
3: The power struggle between the Government and the Judges
4: The Slow power creep of PCSO's as a cheaper alternative to regular officers instead of their original remit
5: Politicisation of the Police Service by the Government
6: Through the ultra liberal and over zealous application of Political Correctness that has helped to contribute to the risk the UK faces from Terrorism
7: Immigration, the very government which is trying to prove it knows what its doing when they previously tried to paint anyone who advocated a stronger line on immigration as being racist.
8: combating Terrorism.
9: The fact the Prime Minister "delayed his holiday" to make a pathetic attempt on the World stage over Lebanon abandons his own country when we are faced with one of the most serious threats since the Second World War.
10: The pandering to Irish Terrorists. In that the Government have conceded nearly every demand made of them by Irish Terrorists for very little gain.
11: The demonizing of youths and the stereotyping of them in stead of being to held to account for lack of effort or workable policy in combating Anti Social Behaviour

Her Comments:
Criminal Justice:
• The government is committed to tipping the scales back to support society and the victims instead of protect the Human rights of offenders of all others
• The power struggle between the Government and the Judges. Although this may seem frustrating it is a positive thing as it shows that the separation of powers between the government and the judiciary is working. I believe it is important that justice is objective and not politically motivated.
• PCSOs: I see the PCSPs as a welcome addition to our communities. They act as well as, not instead of police officers and have separate remits.
• Politicisation of the Police Service by the Government. This is not true. The police continue to be independent and very often use their independence to lobby us!
• Political Correctness contributing to the risk the UK faces from Terrorism. This is not true. The UK should stick to its values, which are values of tolerance, if it does not, the terrorists have effectively ‘won’. Tolerance for the law-abiding citizen regardless of religion is completely compatible with a zero-tolerence approach to those whose means and objectives include violence.
• Terrorism. Our police and our intelligence forces have done an excellent job of protecting us from terrorism. It is an ongoing challenge and every day we face up to more sophisticated plots and as you allude to in question six we face political challenges that change regularly too. Gordon Brown announced new measures on Monday to freeze assets of terrorists and rogue ‘charities’.
• I agree with you that Lebanon was a very serious situation with the potential to ignite the Middle East. I personally urged the government to call for a ceasefire and am very glad that we have now moved on from this dangerous situation.
• Youth: It is the Labour Government that has introduced ASBOs and in the majority of cases they do work. This government has put unprecedented investment into education and youth services.
• Your remaining statements are not true
• I appreciate your opinion but do not recognise your remaining statements to be true.
My Comments:

1: The compete mis-management of the NHS to put large parts of it in heavy debt and the fact that more administrative and non operational staff have been appointed since Labour took over.
2: The fact that the first time in my lifetime have nurses been laid off due to said mis-management and incompetence
3: The government allowing convicted sex offenders work with vulnerable people.

Her Comments
• Deficits: There were large deficits in the NHS before Labour came to power in Northampton. Labour has provided record increase in funds for the NHS.
• There are more nurses in the UK than ever before.
• I appreciate your opinion but do not recognise your remaining statements to be true.
I think her comment is rich about there being more nurses than ever before, then I wonder why so many have reacently been laid off or the fact they are leaving in drovers to work abroad whilst hospitals fill the wards with nurses who cant even speak English properly.
Sorry to be defeatest in all of this mate, but it sounds like your pleas are falling on deaf ears. The most effective thing you can do to keep freaks like that out of parliament is not to vote for them, but unfortunately it took a lot of gullible freaks to vote for her and get her in there in the first place.


skintboymike said:
Sorry to be defeatest in all of this mate, but it sounds like your pleas are falling on deaf ears. The most effective thing you can do to keep freaks like that out of parliament is not to vote for them, but unfortunately it took a lot of gullible freaks to vote for her and get her in there in the first place.
I agree with you mate, she only has a majority of around 4000, I just hope people are not stupid enough to put the windbag back in Parliment.
When the next elections are held, how about passing all the information you have to all the other parties/independents putting themselves forward in your area? maybe they can use it to ensure that she doesn't get back in



1/ Is your MP not admitting that this Government HAS allowed the Human Rights issue to tip the scales in the favour of the perpetrator over the victims and the greater majority of society in her statement – nearly ten years they’ve been in power and yet when they are challenged they limply argue ‘but under the Tories’ – ten years – that limp feeble argument has surely time expired?

2/ So Reid writing to judges instructing them not to gaol anyone other than the most violent of offenders is not political interference? Did not Blair’s intervention only make the matter more obvious?

The independence of the Judiciary is critical to the continuance to a healthy and credible Judicial system if the process of judicial review is not to become meaningless and pointless. Remove that independence and we’re in danger of losing our way, permitting the possibilities of the political echelon becoming dictatorial.

3/PCAO’s have separate remits? Hello, have you outed something here? The Police as a whole have but one remit surely? To uphold and apply the rule of law without favour or ill will. IF PCAO’s have a separate remit then it can only be that they have been created for an entirely separate purpose.

Maybe the creation of the PACO with diluted powers with a separate remit was just another ruse of this bankrupt Government to create a uniformed body that is good for appearances but short on substance – to be seen to be doing something whilst actually doing nothing!

Naturally we all know that police officers routinely lie don’t we? But the plain fact is that those with friends in the police are acutely aware of the strangulation created by political correctness. Chief Constables are well aware that their pensions and possible promotion to the Inspectorate of Constabulary rests in doing their political masters instructions.

Senior officers are no longer streetwise serving police officer’s, they are mainly academically fast promotion candidates who have become supervisors and managers driving forward politically correct policy to the despondency of those who still struggle to do the job.

Crimes and calls are now ‘prioritised’ if you have a burglary with offenders reported to be still on the premises and a report of racially motivated abuse of a shopkeeper by some youths, which is the priority? Yes you guessed it!

If you dial 999 for some reason or another, if you give the name Smith or Jones, doing expect a swift response, but if you say your names Singh or something similar you’ll be amazed at how swiftly the police arrive.

ACPO (the Association of Chief Police Officers) have become an operational political arm of Government in driving forward politically correct policy through the rank and file of our police.

4/ Your MP truly has some jaundiced viewpoints does she not? In respect of political correctness contributing to the risk the UK faces from terrorism she refutes this and says that we should stick to our values which are values of tolerance.

Pity that she fails to see that our values and tolerance levels are being used against us by a people who do not share our values and exploit our tolerant ways.

It’s a pity that she like her puppet master Blair fail to see realities as they are, with Islam the view held is that in the main you are born a Muslim yet some can convert, Islam as we’re frequently reminded is more than just a faith system, its an entire way of life and dictates how they live it.

One cannot simply decide to leave the Muslim faith because there are draconian measures that are applied to those who seek to do so that include the most serious measure of murder.

When we hear that an increasing majority of Muslims are calling for Sharia Law to be permitted here and we have the exposure of what’s really going on in the backrooms of mosques, can we really afford to be so complacent?

The hard fact is that Islam is embarked upon a crusade of conquest of lands to usher in their world caliphate, they want our lands without our values and our culture and they mean to convert us or subvert us.

It would be prudent to remind this MP that we are an ancient and historical parliamentary democracy with our own values, our own culture and an established society, our laws are enacted and repealed through our parliamentary system.

We don’t give a damn about what they did and how they did it before they came here, we’re not the slightest bit interested in the bleed over of their values, their culture and the way they did things, we reject Sharia Law and all that goes with it.

We did not force these people to come here nor are we forcing them to stay, presumably they came to benefit from the very values, culture and society they now utterly reject with contempt. If they refuse to assimilate and integrate and excuse extremist behaviour amongst their communities then maybe the times arrived for drastic measures to be considered.

5/ This MP seems deluded if you ask me. She thinks that in the fight against terrorism our police and intelligence services are doing an excellent job, and they are – but with the head of MI5 making it clear that her service is at overstretch now and she needs more officers to counter the threat one has serious grounds for questioning the veracity of this grandstanding nonsense.

If she thinks that ASBO’s are working one wonders what planet she’s on. Its clear that our streets have become the haven of disaffected youth when darkness falls and those who eventually receive an ASBO wear it as a badge of honour.

This MP has forgotten some basic rules, leadership from the front and at the top, lead by example and what a fine example Labour has set for our youth.

The sooner these goons are out of office the better!

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