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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by DuackingQuck, Dec 15, 2012.

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  1. Evenin' everyone.

    I have not so recently sent my appeal to the medical staff (around 12 ish weeks ago) and am still awaiting a reply. Does anyone know how long it normally takes them to reply?

  2. I haven't had any dealings with the RAMC but I had a similar problem when I sent off medical documents to the AAC a few months ago. I rang them a few weeks after sending and they had no record of receiving the documents, so they either got lost in the post or are still sat in the wrong pigeon hole somewhere. Are you sure they have received the documents? It will do no harm to ring the medical centre and ask about any progress with your appeal.
  3. Thanks for the info, I spoke to them a few weeks ago and they confirmed they had received my appeal. Still awaiting a reply however. If it has been sent it probably has please lose me in big red letters stamped across it!