Replica/ Deac Thompson SMG(s) (Drum mag style) needed

Greetings all,

As the title says, I would like to get my Grubby Paws on a pair of Thompsons.

I am doing the photo studio at a chicago 20's night for a mess.
Thought it would be a nice touch to get a couple for props.

Having googled it to death it seems the cheapest is from battle orders @£150 each!

Does anyone here know of cheaper, or failing that have either replica or deacs that i could hire? Or know of a source?

I'm based at Pirbright but can travel within reason.
Speak to the curator at the SASC Weapons Collection at Warminster.

They have Churchill's Thompson there, still a working weapon though, there may be issues with you cutting around with it....

Though I borrowed it with an M1 Carbine, a Garrand and a BAR for a presentation I did on my Senior Cadre.

Failing that, see if Ryton Arms or World Wide Arms will do hire.


Battle orders, they shut up shop last year! I hope they are back as they were just around the corner from me!
My lad picked up a wooden replica for about £30 at Beltring 2 years ago, straight mag though!


I remember it when they opened- and when stringtown were operating out of a flat in hailsham
They were in Willingdon for years but sold up and shut the site complaining about the VCRA.
Buy a couple of 1:1 size BB thompsons. They might come in at £50 for the pair. Spray the 'metal' areas with car spray paint from a rattle can and paint the 'wooden' parts with wood grain effect paint (this is a real paint and comes in two tones of brown and a grain effect tool). Get one tin of air fix paint in gun metal or silver to brush some wear onto the weapons and job done for about £75
Just had a very quick net search. This one would only need the metal parts sprayed (especially as your photos should be in black and white, as no colour film in the '20s). The same company also sell drum mags for £9.99

i think however that if you walked into your local BB gun/drug accesory/random stuff shop you would get a good deal on a pair of Tommies.

edited to add: bugger, I've just noticed it has a rail on the top. I'm sure that is just glued on, and a civi rather than military cocking handle should be easy to mock up.
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You would in theory be breaking the law but a wooden replica is an option. Thread revival aside Battle Orders are in a Unit on the new industrial estate in Polegate though no counter!


I suppose you could set yourself up as a baby Baptys and spend your pension on deacts and get paid for themed photo shoots. End of career sell the lot on.
With the mess do being three years ago, unless you have a TARDIS I imagine you are a little late.

I guess if you dod have access to a TARDIS you could co back and grab a couple of originals from Ike Godseys corner store?


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I hate threads like this. They always start off with "Can you help with.." the arrserarti give all sorts of helpful advice and the OP buggers off and forgets about it. You never hear what happened in the end. Did it go well? Did he find some guns? Was he arrested and charged with illegal possesion?

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